Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: November 16, 2015

Good morning.

I am linking up for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I haven’t participated in awhile.  Here are my interpretations for the week. 🙂

1. Cool
The temperatures are dropping. We have a couple warm days here and there, but I’m loving the crisp, cool and also the cold, quiet moments we’ve had.


2. Media
I was listening to the radio, a form of media, while sipping on coffee in the car. I had to capture the reflection of the autumn tree I was parked under.


3. Something New
My Mom is starting the next year of her life. My parents and I celebrated her birthday this past weekend. Turning one year older is starting something new.


4. Scarf

Well, I haven’t dug out my scarves yet, although I’m looking forward to wearing my winter accessories. Scarves, hats, gloves, and ear muffs. It’s coming. 😀
A few weeks ago, however, I got this picture of Precious the cat at my parents house. How Precious has her tail wrapped around sort of looks like a scarf.


5. Starts with C


One thought on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: November 16, 2015

  1. Love the image of the cat a quite ‘out ofthe box’ ullustration which i loved. In the last shot you also have C for the curve in the road sign. Happy birthday to you Mum, it looks a lovely cake. Now tht was quick thinking to pick up seeing that reflction in your coffee. Brilliant. Hope you will pop in and see my selection of images. See you next week.

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