Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: September 28, 2015

Hi, there. It’s time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Here are my interpretations for the week.

1. Love
I’ve been loving Mondays lately. It’s one of my days off, and it’s a chance for me to catch up on things to do, or to hang out with or visit my parents. Sometimes, Mondays are a nothing day. It makes working weekends worth it.
Well, last week on the way to my parents’, I had this amazing view. No words needed.


2. Afternoon
Sunny day.


3. Less is More
Here, you see less of my face taking up more of the photo. Haha. 😀


4. High
The moon… high in the sky. This was taken three nights ago.
I was happy to have watched a few minutes of the lunar eclipse (blood moon!) when I came home from work last night.


5. Photographer’s Choice
Look who bummed a ride from me this week. 🙂



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