Bacon! :)

I saw this on Facebook earlier this week, and I  decided to make it a blog post. These are in no particular order or categories. I just listed what came to mind. I’m sure I would’ve thought of more, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time.

Happy Thursday! 🙂


Back to the Bacon: I, II and III
Adventures in Bacon
The Bacon Movie
Beauty and the Bacon
Bacon Princess
The Bacon Bride

Bacon in a Bottle
The Trouble With Bacon
A Bacon to Remember
Bacon Haven
For the Love of Bacon
The Fox and the Bacon

The Brave Little Bacon
The Lady and the Bacon
The Sound of Bacon
The Bacon of Oz
The Land Before Bacon

Bacon Alone

We Bought Bacon
For One Bacon
Bacon Wars: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII
The Last Bacon

Bacon, The Last Rainforest
Bill & Bacon’s Excellent Adventure
The Bacon Story
Bacon Bound: The Incredible Journey
Romeo and Bacon
The Taming of the Bacon
The Luck of the Bacon
Don’t Look Under the Bacon
Stepsister from Planet Bacon
Follow the Bacon Home
More than Bacon Love
The Bacon Trap
That Darn Bacon

The Man of the Bacon

Bacon Candles
The Bacon Club
Forrest Bacon

Never Let Bacon Go
Odd Bacon Out
The Bacon Diaries: I and II
Bacon Poppins
The Bacon Mermaid
Bacon Going on 30
The Bacon Bunch Movie
Bacon & Company
Broken Bacon
Sleeping Bacon
The Bacon King

The Scarlet Bacon

Bacon in the Water

The Secret Bacon

Where the Red Bacon Grows
Not Another Bacon Movie
Dude, Where’s My Bacon?

The Bacon After Tomorrow
Winnie the Pooh, and Bacon Too
Bacon Everlasting
Bacon at the Museum


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