Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: June 7, 2015

Good afternoon! 🙂

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve linked up with Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

Here are my interpretations for the week!

1. Season
The days are getting longer! We’ve had some gorgeous sunsets lately, particularly this one from Wednesday night. 🙂


2. What I’m Looking At
I’ve been looking at a lot of red lights lately.


3. In Motion
My cactus, in very slow motion. I’ve had to remove a few more dead parts from it this week, but the plant is getting taller. I’m trying to keep it alive and in motion!


4. It Means A Lot to Me
My parents mean everything to me. I love them. I see them once a week or so. They’ve been helping me with a lot lately, and I’m very thankful.


5. Photographer’s Choice
At the laundromat. Taking a selfie. Waiting for my loads to be finished.



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