Spring is here!

Spring has arrived… but it’s actually more like summer, considering how it’s been pretty humid already! It’s only May, too.

Top hot for me. I could never live down in the south, especially during the summer. Thankfully, we should cool back down a little bit this week!

Everything is beautiful. 🙂 I was pleased to have many glimpses of the prime week blooming of everything.




Those flowers have mostly fallen off now. Mostly leaves are on the tree now.

We’ve also seen lots of rain this week. April showers have arrived late.




The sun will come out here and there, but usually for ten minutes or so.


I’m hanging out with Cocoa and Precious this week. They’re both getting older. Cocoa needs help getting onto the couch. Aw. 😦 You know those days are coming, but you’re never ready for them. Cocoa needs to take pills for strength each day. My parents brought her home when I was a freshman in high school.



Precious is her usual, either happy or snippy self. I’ve enjoyed the cuddles we’ve had these past few days.


In other news, well actually, there isn’t much other news. Nothing life changing or breathtaking to report. I have, however, recently requested to be put on another schedule where I work. I usually work mornings, and I love mornings… but I need a change! 😛

I’m not sure what my new schedule will be at Panera, but I’m happy to have a change in routine on the way. I’ve been looking to make some changes in my life. However, I am learning that things do take time.

A change in my daily schedule will be a start though.

And… that is all, for now. I plan on blogging regularly again. I need to stop abandoning this blog. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. The pics are really pretty. We didn’t have much of a spring here, just straight into summer. It’s already 80+ degrees every single day for the high and the humidity is up there, but living in the South, you deal… you just learn how to live with it. It’s really not that bad once you’re used to it.

    1. Thanks, Amy! Spring, fall and winter are always the best times to get pictures.
      Yeah, I guess humidity is something I dread, especially since I work around ovens and toasters. I’m sure if I lived in a warm place, I’d be used to it.
      I just like chilly and cold weather though. 🙂 my manager thinks I should move to Alaska. lol.

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