Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: May 5, 2015

Good afternoon!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written in here. I’ve been busy, but today’s a good day to link up for Scavenger Hunt Sunday for the week.

Here are my interpretations. 🙂

1. Alive
No matter how my life is going, I’m alive, and that’s a gift.


2. Movement
In the car. Moving along. The day marches on.


3. Starts with T
Trees start with T, and they’ve been blooming nicely this week.


4. Friends or Family
I’ve been hanging out with my parents once a week or so, and yesterday we went for a walk on a trail… but this picture is actually from a few weeks ago, our previous walk before yesterday’s.


5. Photographer’s Choice
We’ve had some BEAUTIFUL sunny skies lately! I’m starting to think that I’m not in Ohio. Haha!
I’m planning on getting some more of sunrises and sunsets soon, but this past week, I’ve relaxed below these afternoon sunny views.



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