Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: March 30, 2015

I’m back for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!


1. On the Floor
I have a lot of things on my floor, and these fuzzy socks are one of them. I’ve definitely needed them this past week!


2. Addiction
Um… I am working on filling up my collection of notebooks and journals. The one I’m writing in now is blue and green with a ribbon on it, but this purple one pictured is my “2014 jar project”, all gathered into in a journal.
I used to fill up journals rapidly, but now it takes me a little longer.


3. Salty
Chips. Salty. Yum!


4. Pride
This tree stump is almost in the shape of Ohio. Ohio pride.


5. Me
Here I am. Excuse the huge zit by my mouth.



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