Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: March 22, 2015

Good afternoon! 🙂

I am linking up for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Here are my interpretations for the week.

1. What I Did Today
Sundays are usually pretty busy for me. I have church in the morning, and I usually spend the afternoon blogging (hehe!) and running errands, and then I work on Sunday evenings. Here’s a piece of my church notes from this morning.


2. Green
Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day. I wore my green polo to work, of course.


3. Errand
Going through the car wash. I had a free wash on my gas station card, so I used it on Friday. This was during the final rinse part.


4. In My Kitchen
Drinking coffee, in my animal-in-a-mug. I got this for Christmas.


5. Something Old
My parents and I went for a walk on Monday afternoon. One of our favorite spots to go sight seeing and enjoy the walk is this covered bridge. This area with start to get pretty busy soon, now that spring is coming.



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