Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: March 8, 2015

Good morning!

It’s time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday! Here are my interpretations for the week.

1. Bokeh
I think this will actually be the final week of me capturing winter ice art and snow pictures. We’ve sure had some beautiful icicles and snow this year so far… and I’m sad to see it leave, but it is time for a new season.


2. Sound
I love soothing sounds, and the icicles outside my apartment have started melting. The dripping has made relaxing sounds, similar to rain pouring.


3. Change
I love mornings. I guess they can be looked at as a change. It’s a new day.


4. Eyes
I actually put on some eye makeup on my day off this week. I used to wear eye-shadow and such all the time, but now it’s just once a week, if that.


5. Rule of Thirds
I see the light. I was crossing things off my “to do” list for the day. A great feeling.



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