Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: November 30, 2014 ::: Favorite shots of the week.

Good evening!

I am linking up for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I’m glad to actually have this written on Sunday evening. Normally I don’t have my post completed until Monday morning.

Well, this time we had no specific topics, other than we were to choose five favorite shots captured this week.

Well, here are my interpretations for the week!

1. It’s just not Thanksgiving in Ohio without a little bit of snow.
I stayed the night before at my parents’ place so that we could go to my grandparents’ together.
I wrote this on my car. We ended up taking one of my parents’ cars though.


2. I was hanging out in the kitchen, while my Mom made one of the desserts for the family get together.
This is Cocoa, my parents’ dog. I was looking at her through my Mom’s wedding ring that she needed to take off for baking. She put her rings back on, I promise. πŸ™‚
I feel bad for Cocoa looking disappointed from what she thought was food, but no food here. Aww.


3. I went back to work on Friday… and I normally don’t talk too much about Panera in my blog… but I was thankful to find this comment about me from this week! Thank you, to whoever wrote that. πŸ˜€


4. We had lots of family show up on Thursday! It was great. I took a lot of pictures, but I think for this post, I’ll share this one.
We also celebrated my Grandma’s 86th birthday. I’m so thankful and blessed to have known my grandparents for my whole life.


5. I do love autumn colors, but it is time to begin the transition to a new season.



One thought on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: November 30, 2014 ::: Favorite shots of the week.

  1. Rebecca, what a great idea to write in the snow on your car. I will have to remember that IF we get another snow here in Oklahoma. Poor Cocoa. 😦 Great job at work to get such a comment. I’m impressed! Your grandmother looks younger than 86. Have a good week!

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