Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: November 17th ::: In a Row. Salty. Sweet. Sitting Down. Just Because.

Good morning!

I am back for another link-up of Scavenger Hunt Sunday. 🙂

Well, here are my interpretations!

1. In A Row…
Waiting for the traffic light to turn green is a nuisance for most people, but sometimes you feel at ease in the moment. You shall get there sometime.


2. Salty…
Oh, kettle cooked chips from Panera. Salty. Delicious. I see them more than I want to during my week, but I eat them a lot.


3. Sweet…
It was my Mom’s birthday this week. This is her cake from Buehler’s.


4. Sitting Down….
My Dad actually took this picture. Mom and I sitting at her birthday party.


5. Just Because…
I captured this moment yesterday. A couple right behind me in a parking lot. I couldn’t figure out what they were looking at, but they’re looking at it seriously.



5 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: November 17th ::: In a Row. Salty. Sweet. Sitting Down. Just Because.

  1. Love your interpretations. I didn’t know Panera made chips. Uh oh. Lovely birthday pictures. We just celebrated my Dad’s 89th. That is where I took the pictures of the boy in my submissions this week. See you next Sunday!

  2. Good Set.
    I like the car lights all in a row like that. I think it’s great that you photograph ordinary moments like that.
    Potatoe Chips are yummy and Salty. Anymore I buy the low sodium variety.
    That was a delicious looking cake.
    What a sweet shot of you and your mom.
    Yep that couple did seem intent on whatever they were looking at.

  3. Love the row of car lights! I tend to get in a hurry, but other times I enjoy the ‘light break’. Panera Bread has become one of our favorites, though we try not to eat out often. Joe and I both like the broccoli cheddar soup. Great picture of you and your mom. You both look young–I’m assuming she is the one wearing glasses? Nice cake. I like taking pictures of random people, but worry what the will do if the catch me! 🙂

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