Reasons to be Cheerful, Blog Hop ::: October 31, 2014

Hello, everyone! 🙂

I CANNOT believe that October will already be over in a few hours. This year is going by so fast! I guess “grown ups” were right, about ten years ago, when they said that time really does speed up as you get older. I’ll be 27 years old in two months.

Anyways, I’m linking up with Ojo’s World for “Reasons to be Cheerful.” It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve linked up here.

Ojos World

* I have been dealing with a really bad cold throughout these last several days… and I may be starting to feel the end of it. I think. Please be the end. Please. 🙂

* I have this warm, fuzzy jacket to keep me warm on these chilly days. I like the cold, but warm clothes are definitely needed!


* I enjoyed an entire half-gallon of chocolate milk this week. I LOVE chocolate milk! And actually, it was gone within a couple of days. Ha. 😀

* I was having a problem with the thermostat in my apartment’s fridge for a couple of weeks. I finally reported it and got it fixed, and that’s my cheer! Hopefully the food in my fridge doesn’t freeze, again.

* My apartment’s getting a new stove! Before & after pictures are coming soon.

And… that’s about it, for now.


3 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful, Blog Hop ::: October 31, 2014

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Sorry about the crappy fridge issue :(. We used to have that happen to us when we lived in various apartments. I do miss being able to just report things and have them fixed, though. Can’t do that as a homeowner 😦

  2. Good reasons I believe to be happy! Love the warm looking coat. I’m the opposite hate being cold or hot have to be just right! Hope you’re feeling better x

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