Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: October 20, 2014 :::

Hello, everyone. 😀

I am linking up for my second week of SHS!

Here were my interpretations this week.

1. Book

I don't have one favorite book, but Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" holds this powerful quote. Chills come whenever I read this.

2. Mail

I love writing letters and being a pen pal... and I found this old letter from 2011 at my parents' house.

3. Star

My parents got me this necklace for Christmas during my freshman year of college. I love wearing it.

4. Saturated

Laundry day. My bed sheets are saturated in water and detergent.

5. Wall

I wish I would've purchased these sunglasses. Oh, well. They can compliment someone else.

Looking forward to next week’s interpretations.


5 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday ::: October 20, 2014 :::

  1. Rebecca, your interpretations of the prompts are perfect! The wall shot with the sunglasses is cool. I agree, you should have bought them. Your photo of mail got me to thinking. Letter writing by hand is a dying art, I’m afraid. I like that quote in the book, too. I’m so glad you made it back to SHS this week.

    1. Thank you! I do love writing letters, and I do send texts and emails too, but there’s something old fashioned and close to the heart about pen paling.
      The next pair of sunglasses I like, I will get. I am in regret for leaving those behind.
      I’m glad to have come back. 🙂

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