All dressed up with somewhere to go ::: family happenings

On Saturday, October 4th, my family had a wedding to attend. Christopher & Amy married that day. Chris is a cousin on my Dad’s side of the family. His brothers are Jonathan and Benjamin (who is married to Jenni for four years now). And we see my Uncle Dean & Aunt Linda, Jonathan, Chris & Amy, and Ben & Jenni every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I was very happy for Chris & Amy, and I was excited about being there. The wedding was actually a two-hour drive away from us, so I rode with my parents.

It was very nice to get away from my usual routine. I usually work on the weekends, so I made sure to put the request to be off, on this Saturday, in by the end of August. This was definitely too important to miss. 🙂

Well, the ceremony was actually an outdoor wedding, and since the season, literally, changed overnight (low 70s on Friday and 40s on Saturday), it was a chilly. Of course, I admired the chill. I’ve been waiting for the air to cool down. I’d rather it be chilly instead of humid outside, but that’s my point of view.

Everything was beautiful. Amy’s dress. The ceremony. The decorations.

Grandma, Grandpa, me, Mom and Dad
Me and Aunt Ruth
I didn't get a chance to take another picture after all the wedding guests had signed, but I thought this was a cool idea.
Waiting for the ceremony.
Here's Ben & Jenni! Oh, by the way, they did have a baby girl two months ago. Ellie. I still haven't formally met her yet.
And Jonathan is the groomsman in the red tie.
The groomsmen had a last-minute gesture of covering the bridesmaids with their suit coats.
My Grandpa officiated the ceremony, and my Grandpa was up there to help support him. My Grandpa has difficulty seeing right now.
"You may now kiss the bride."


The reception was inside.


The wedding party took more pictures outside.

I ate one of everything at the reception. I wanted to try everything. 😀


Dancing was upstairs. Cupcakes were served. And… I ALMOST caught the bride’s bouquet. I got a little bit of the stem… but the young lady next to me caught a better hold of it. I was close though. 😀

Jonathan caught the garter.

Father and mother of the groom. My Uncle Dean & Aunt Linda.
Here's what the Hayner Cultural Center looks like.

Chris and Amy went to Colorado for their honeymoon.

The wedding was a very nice time! It was also lovely to get out of my four walls be all dressed up with somewhere to go.


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