Oh, the fun you can create with finger cuts. :P

Twelve days ago, I slightly injured my finger at work. I slipped, and I caught the barista wall on my way down, which ceased my fall; however, my left middle fingertip wasn’t as fortunate. The sharp metal edge of the barista wall got a good stabbing my fingertip.

Ouch. 😦

Lots of bleeding. Lots of band-aids. Lots of putting pressure on it. Lots of cold water.
And lots of latex covering the band-aids, considering the fact that I do work mostly in the bakery, and no one wants a band-aid to pop off and fall into their bags of pastries and bagels. You hear different versions of those stories happening at other fast food places. Ew. πŸ˜›

This was Sunday, August 24th, around 5:15 p.m.

The bleeding continued at a semi-regular pace for the next three days. As you can see, I needed about three bandages to at least “control” it.

No, I did not go to the doctor.

When I was with my family last week, I had my own set of bandages with me (seriously, I brought the entire box of band-aids with me)… and I did ask my Mom to draw a smiley face on my band-aid, because she’s just awesome that way. πŸ˜€

And of course, I’m a lefty and it’s arduous trying to draw a face with your opposite hand.

That's pizza sauce, by the way. We had pizza when we were at my grandparents'.

My fingertip has gradually improved this week. However, I bumped my it at work this morning, causing it to bleed slightly… not a problem though. More band-aids. More latex covering. It’s all good.

And tonight, I guess I drew clown eyes (bad clown eyes! Lefty here, remember?) on my fingertip, considering how the cut now sorta reminds me of a clown’s facepaint. Oh, man! I forgot the wig. So, he’s a bald clown.


My apologies to those who are deeply afraid of clowns… I hope this picture doesn’t keep you from reading my blog in the future.


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