First post in almost a month! ::: family time ::: Heaven Is For Real ::: enjoying summer :)

Hello, everyone! It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted in here.

Today my parents & I are visiting my grandparents and Aunt Ruth. It’s been a good day so far. However, getting here was a challenge. There have been a couple of traffic accidents, and one accident involved two semi truck drivers, with one truck carrying propane gas, and now the main part of the freeway that my family uses is shut down for five days. Therefore, due to two detours with said accident and also a construction zone, it took me an extra fifteen minutes to get to my parents’… and then my parents & took a slight detour on our way here, and we saw a little more construction.

We finally got here a little after 11:30, and all six of us had lunch at Max & Erma’s. Yum. Their chicken tortilla soup is phenomenal! We’ve been talking all afternoon, and right now we are watching Heaven Is For Real. It’s my first time seeing it, so m eyes will be off and on the computer screen. 🙂

Aunt Ruth, Grandma, Dad, Grandpa and Mom.
Aunt Ruth, Grandma, Dad, Grandpa and Mom.
Slightly better picture...
Slightly better picture…
My parents, when we first got here.
My parents, when we first got here.
And of course, a self-portrait.
And of course, a self-portrait.


I’ve been gradually working on my “jar project” for 2014. I’m glad that I started on this. 😀 It’s such a neat project. I’ve been treating my jar as more like a journal, and I’ve been writing down good things, bad things, hopes, dreams, prayers, concerns, frustrations, and “LOL” moments. I’ve been trying to keep a journal on the side as well, whenever I can. My jar project” is almost completely full, so I will likely need to begin another jar pretty soon, and won’t two jars be cool?



I’m tempted to see what I’ve put in my jar so far… however, part of the project is waiting until December 31st. I can see a possible blog entry happening then. 🙂


In other news, I am a blood donor, again. I donated on Tuesday, and I will be eligible, again, on September 23rd.



I’ll write again, soon.


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