A day at my grandparents’ & watermelon ::: scary driving incident ::: new laptop charger

Good evening! had a nice day off work today. I met up with my parents, and we headed over to see my grandparents & Aunt Ruth for several hours.

We talked, ate, ate watermelon, and my Dad ended up helping my granparents with some household projects.

I captured our watermelon time this afternoon! 😀



It was a very blessed time… I love being with my family.


My morning, however, before my parents and I headed over, was pretty stressful. I was on my way to my parents’ house, and I had actually been more than three-quarters… I was pretty close to their place, and I was really nervous when I was driving down a hill. I witnessed a large tree limb falling and landing on a wire… but my reflexes a fear kicked in, and I slammed on my brakes and ended up skidding and screeching the tires, spinning on the road 1.5 times. 😦

Thankfully, it was in the country, with no one around at the time, and I ended up staying on the road throughout the entire happening… but I was pretty scared. I’ve always been told not to over-correct or slam on my brakes, and unfortunately that’s what I ended up doing this morning.

I was pretty shaken up when I got to my parents’. I am okay. I was just really emotional and freaking out, and it took me a little while to calm down. Now, about ten hours later, I’m calm now, and I’m ready to drive home.

My Dad put air in my front, left tire for me. Thanks, Dad! 😀 Hopefully everything will be okay with my tire and rims, but I’m still really thankful nothing worse happened.

This morning was a reminder of how quickly life can change, whether we are prepared or not. It’s a frightening thought, but it’s the truth.


In other news, my laptop charger has been VERY hard to deal with for the past several months. 😦 I’ve had my laptop since 2007. Been through two batteries, but only one charger. Well, my charger finally breathed it final breaths these past couple of months. I kept having to play with it and move the cord around to keep it plugged in. Very frustrating!

I had to get a new charger. My parents helped me with finding a universal one. A universal one with different “plug-ins” for different systems to try out someday. I’m excited. I’ve already started using it, as of right now. I’m so happy.



Goodbye, original Gateway charger. Thank you for lasting for the last seven years.



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