Storm clouds & nighttime sky :) ::: appreciating the little things ::: pet-sitting

Lately, I’ve been enjoying either storm clouds, early morning skies, or the view of twilight and nightfall. I love this peaceful view I got at my parents’ last night.



Also, I’ve been admiring all the storm clouds forming. Storm clouds are always amazing.



Well, there’s really not too much to report in “Rebecca Land.” I have been just appreciating the little things in life. I got these two 1$ decorations from Dollar Tree last month. Literally, they were both 1$. I wanted to brighten my place up. 🙂

july04 july02

More appreciation of the little things.
More appreciation of the little things.


I recently became a member of EV4 Church. I have been attending there since February 2012, and I took the “Partnership Class” about two weeks ago, soit’s official. I’m a member. 🙂


Good stuff.


In other news, I got to do some pet-sitting for some friends from church a couple weekends ago.

And… introducing, Bob the Turtle!







That is all, for now.



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