“Oh, Spongebob. Why??” ::: Detergent mishap.

There are days where so many things just get in the way and are simply, well, annoying. Yesterday was one of those days for me.

I went to do laundry, and I really couldn’t wait another day. Since I don’t have my own washer/dryer, I push laundry back to the last possible second. Hey, bigger loads equal more clean clothes, which equals more productivity, which equals a better laundry budget. I’ve switched back and forth between going to the laundromat every few days and pushing it off until the last minute, and believe me… with my loads, it’s better to wait until the last minute. It’s a perk of being single. šŸ™‚

Well, I THOUGHT I put my laundry detergent’s cap back on tightly yesterday when I put it in the trunk. I usually make sure I do. Well, I guess I didn’t take five seconds to do that yesterday, because I got laundry detergent ALL inside my trunk.

Yes, I was pretty annoyed.

It took me a long time to clean it up. And like most people, I do use the liquid detergent, so it oozed everywhere. In my emergency car equipment, down into the spare tire (which is *securely* fastened in my trunk), as well as other things, but I was able to salvage a few items before it was too late. šŸ™‚

I got 90 percent of it cleaned up. I soaked it up with wash cloths, paper towels. I even used my ice scraper to scrape the suds away and continue cleaning. Finally, I went to the gas station and used their vacuum to suck up whatever was left. Also, my Neon has an “entrance” to the trunk, so I was able to air it out some that way.

It was quite the adventure. The trunk does smell good today, and I’m hoping it stays that way. šŸ™‚ With humidity and hot weather coming, my hope is that it continually smells fresh with no musty smell developing. Please, stay fresh! I did my best.

Positive notes: At least I didn’t pour a bunch of clean clothes on top of the mess… looking before leaping is always beneficial. Also, at least I didn’t have my laptop with me. My laptop is in its case, and it is older, born in 2007. But I do love my laptop. It’ll be awhile before I’m able to purchase a new one. I would’ve been really sad if my computer had been a victim.

Well, like I said, after this happened yesterday afternoon, I was pretty annoyed for the day. Funny thing is though, I thought about Spongebob getting his boating license yesterday, and Mrs. Puff saying in her deep voice, “Oh, Spongebob…. whyyyyyy?” šŸ˜€

Everything that happened after my detergent mishap brought me to Mrs. Puff, which is why I’m sharing this short clip tonight.

It was an “Oh, Spongebob… why?” day.


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