My life hasn’t been too blogworthy lately, but I’m still thankful for each day. No one is guaranteed tomorrow.

So, I’ve recently found orange juice is a “happy” drink. 😀
With all the winter and cloudy days we’re had, drinking an either small or big glass of OJ just cheers me up. ^__^
Maybe it’s the color of the drink… or maybe it’s just plain Vitamin C being good for you.

Speaking of winter, I have enjoyed winter a lot this year (I admit that I do like the cold!), but I think I am ready for spring now.
It’s March. It’s time to put my coat away. Find things to do that are spring-like. Take walks. Smell the flowers.

We are supposed to get up to 50 tomorrow. I think snow is in the forecast at least one more time after that… and then, it looks like we should be warming up some.

I’m still enjoying writing in my journal. I haven’t kept up with it every day, but when I do, I’ve written down so many thoughts. It’s refreshing. Like I said, it had been AT LEAST three years since I’ve kept a journal… and I have so many empty journals lying around that it’s been heartbreaking seeing them collect dust. Hoping to have them filled up as quickly as I used to fill journals up.
Ahh, journaling. It’s so nice to break away from posting my personal feelings on Facebook. 😀

I made peanut butter cookies on Monday. They didn’t turn out as well as planned, but I’ve still been eating them for dessert this week.
Yeach, it’s funny how I’ve gotten used to the recipe I use for PB cookies, and when I decide to branch out and try a new one, I fail. Well, not fail. I don’t succeed as much as I had hoped to do.

That is all… for now.

P.s… my next post will be my 100th post. Finally. 😀


One thought on “099.

  1. I love orange juice! Because I drink it every day I have been the last one sick with colds this year. lol.

    You’re almost at your 100th entry! 🙂


    have a great weekend!


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