097. Almost 100 posts ::: getting crafty with V-Day cards ::: snow, then rain, then wind, then… thunderstorms?

It’s been over a year since I’ve started this blog, and I am just now reaching 100 posts within the next couple of updates. Oh well. I’ve had other blogs before, and this isn’t my first blog, so if you count my other postings, it’s well over one hundred. 😀

So… our weather has been bipolar this week alone. We started with a snow storm at the beginning of the week, which ended up being 6-8 inches (I drove to work that morning at 20 mph!), and then we got up to 45 degrees. Then, yesterday we reached the 50’s. Then, came some rain to melt some of the snow (we still have a ton left!). This morning, we had some freezing rain, and now we are expecting rain for tonight, including a wind advisory and thunderstorms? Ha!

“Welcome to Ohio. If you don’t like the weather, then wait five minutes.”

Well, here’s a “sneaky photo” I got of the young men who shovel my apartment’s sidewalks, parking lot, etc.



In other news, I have been getting crafty lately… with Valentine’s Day cards. Yup. For the first time EVER, I made cards for my family last week and mailed them to my parents, grandparents and Aunt Ruth.

I won’t show what I wrote in the cards, but here are the designs I came up with.











I don’t think I did too bad for my first card-making. 🙂

Now, I did this all with stickers, mounts, and parts of my stationary. And scissors. I don’t have any fancy scrapbooking equipment… but that’s probably for the best right now. I should see how much I get more into scrapbooking & card-making before I spend money on anything like that.

I am looking to get supplies soon. I have paper. I’m just lacking stickers, labels, etc.






I do wish to make more cards in the future… hopefully soon I’ll be brave enough to make them for my pen pals. 🙂


Well, I must be going. Lots to do, and so little time.



2 thoughts on “097. Almost 100 posts ::: getting crafty with V-Day cards ::: snow, then rain, then wind, then… thunderstorms?

  1. Your cards are really cute and crafty! The weather here is weird too, last week we had ice and bridges were closed, this week it’s 80 degrees out and people are laying by the pool. Gotta love SC! I think everywhere’s weather has been weird the past couple weeks.

  2. Awe! You did a really good job on your cards 🙂
    I know what you mean by bi-polar weather conditions! We’re currently at 78 degrees lol… I swore we had snow last week? 😉
    Have a great weekend!
    Ps: did I ever tell you I got your little note and loved it? Thanks again 🙂
    I’ll be sending you one soon with some goodies inside 🙂

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