088. First post of 2014 ::: somewhat making resolutions ::: snow photos

Well, the first of the year has come and gone! If I wanted to post in the first week of January, today would be the day.

So, as the year begins, we may hear one word incessantly… RESOLUTIONS!

Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions. That word is everywhere! It’s mentioned at work, at church, at the grocery store… and then you hear it on the radio, on the news, in print, and of course on Facebook. However, I’m not going to lie; I’ve actually enjoyed reading people’s resolutions on Facebook this week. 🙂  It’s refreshing, and I’ve been inspired. Some people on my Facebook list have shared some deep thought-provoking resolutions.

A couple months ago, I had mentioned creating and doing a list of “Five Things to Do Before 2013 Ends” list. Yeah, that didn’t happen. 😦 I was (and still am) broke, and the things I thought of doing would’ve required too much money, and the things that weren’t all that expensive, well… I just didn’t get to them. I was busy.

So, that list didn’t happen, and 2013 is over, so it’s time to move on. 🙂

I’m somewhat making resolutions. Still working on my list. I’m happy I’ve come up with some things I want to do, or even just improve about myself in 2014… and these are in no particular order.

– Go on a spiritual retreat.

– Be stronger each day! Don’t let others steal my joy.

– Study a foreign language.

– Get back into journaling! Seriously.

– Learn a new hobby.

– Get out of Ohio, even if it is for a quick moment. It’s been too long.

I’m not sure if I’ll add to the list, but that’s a good start.

So… we have already been hit with a snowstorm. And we have another coming, tomorrow and Monday. It’s been a white one for us so far! I was able to capture some beauty yesterday.

Even if the temperatures will fall below zero this upcoming week, beauty will still be seen in it, even if it does seem impossible.

We didn’t get hit too bad with this storm though.







Cat pawprints. Someone's been around, again.
Cat pawprints. Someone’s been around, again.
Still rockin' the ear muffs. :)
Still rockin’ the ear muffs. 🙂
Tropical residents be like, "My toes in the sand." Northern residents be like, "What toes?"
Tropical residents be like, “My toes in the sand.”
Northern residents be like, “What toes?”

One thought on “088. First post of 2014 ::: somewhat making resolutions ::: snow photos

  1. Even though I’ve made my resolutions, I feel that resolutions should be apart of the whole year. 🙂
    I heard you guys got some snow, and even in some parts of the mid west it’s supposed to get down to -20 (brrrrrrrrrr)

    Have fun in the snow 🙂


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