Day 25 ::: Thirty Days of Thankfulness

Day 25 – Thirty Days of Thankfulness

I am thankful for being single. I know that many people would consider that a curse instead of a blessing, but for me right now it’s a huge blessing. I’ve been single for about five years now, or at least my last relationship was five years ago.

I find being single a blessing, because I know what it’s like to give your heart to someone who doesn’t even care about you. It hurts, and riight now in my life, being single is far better for me than freaking out and dating “anyone”, especially someone who could break my heart.

When I was in high school and even part of college, I dreamt of getting married by the time I graduated. Now I’m actually relieved it hasn’t happened yet, if it’s meant to happen. I’ve prayed about both situations, and whether I’m meant to stay single or whether I’m meant to find a husband…. I’m just not concerned with either situation right now. I’ve given that “dream” to God and have decided to allow Him to lead me in the right direction, whether it’s through dating/engagement/marriage, or singlehood. 🙂

It’s nice going at my own pace in my mid-2Os right now. I’m taking my time, learning how to budget, how to cook, how to clean an apartment and keep it within good standards, how to plan things, how to enjoy my days off, and how to make productive use of my down time right now… and honestly, I’ve been trying to make room for other things in my life, which hopefully will become a reality this next year. 

This is the essential part of my life where I should seek the One who created me and build a stronger relationship with Him, before I ever do commit to any man, honestly.


One thought on “Day 25 ::: Thirty Days of Thankfulness

  1. I married young— but truly that is not for everyone. I lived with Chris for a couple years before we married as well. I believe EVERY WOMAN should be independent before marriage! Have a job, can cook, clean, take care of a home, budget, you name it… they should be able to do it. Then again, I also have high standards for men, and my Mother In Law ensured that CHris knew how to balance a check book, clean, cook, ect before he “married” any woman 🙂

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