Days 21 and 22 ::: Thirty Days of Thankfulness

Day 21… I am thankful for winter accessories and heat, as well transition more into winter weather. My favorite winter accessory is… my ear muffs, that I have taken pictures of myself wearing at different times in this blog. 😀 … And yes, I’m also thankful for heat, even though my electric bill has gone up since I’ve started using my heat. Yikes! Even after two years in my apartment, I’m still learning the healthy balance between not enough heat, and then too much heat.


Day 22… I am thankful for living close enough to my parents, and for today when they brought me Campbell’s soup, saltine crackers, oranges, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol and 7up for my headache, upset stomach, and achy bones today. Yes, it was a long day for me at work today. I started feeling ill around 9-1O a.m. this morning, but I made it okay. I’m planning on getting close to 8 hours of sleep tonight (I usually get 5 or 6 hours), and I’m hoping and planning for a better day at work tomorrow. Btw, 9am is about halfway through my work day, usually. I started work at 5 this morning, and I felt fine then, which is weird.

To a good night sleep…


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