068. Day 9 – Thirty Days of Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for hand lotion. I’ve been in dire need of it lately, and today I’ve used a BUNCH of lotion.
I usually prefer Vaseline’s brand of lotion. I have two small bottles almost used up completely, as well as two big bottles in the bathroom.

I usually stash my lotion in my register section at work. My job requires so much handwashing, glove wearing, glove changing, making barista drinks, wiping down counters and cleaning with sanitized towels… and other water-related tasks that cause hands to dry out. We haven’t even reached December and my hands were bad earlier this week.
Never fear… lotion is here. 😀
I’m going to stash up on more, come next time I get paid.


One thought on “068. Day 9 – Thirty Days of Thankfulness

  1. The only place I actually can put lotion is on my arms and legs, and then I immediately wash it off my hands because I can’t stand the feel. lol. the weather can also play a part in skin.
    Have a great Saturday!

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