063. Day 4 – Thirty Days of Thankfulness ::: plenty of food. :)


Day 4 – Thirty Days of Thankfulness

Good evening, y’all.

Today I am thankful for… having plenty of food to eat. I will admit that with a tight budget, I do freak out and worry about not having enough… but I do get pretty full with what I do fit in. I’m not the greatest budget planner, but I’m learning a lot about wise decisions, foolish decisions, and just plain nonsense when it comes to food.

I know that I need to eat healthier… I still eat like a college student most days, and I know I’m at the crucial age where more veggies and healthy meats are important. But I’m slowly making progress. It’s all one step at a time. Portion control is another factor I need to work on. I eat way too much.

I know I’m definitely getting enough food when I need to work on fitting back in most of my jeans. Yikes. 


2 thoughts on “063. Day 4 – Thirty Days of Thankfulness ::: plenty of food. :)

  1. That is why I am so thankful for Amy for teaching me how to coupon! I buy bread at Kroger for .39-.59c and I freeze it. I buy meat with a “managers” special or clearance sticker on it and I freeze it or cook it that night. Produce is great to shop for at our local Bi-Lo because they run TONS of B1G1 deals!!! 🙂

    Have a great Monday!


  2. Couponing is the way to go, but so is eating healthier. Definitely budget in the veggies because they are important (I will argue that healthy meats… well, any meat, is not necessary, but if you want to eat meat do eat healthy meat! I eat shrimp sometimes from Earth Fare, something that’s wild caught or local, etc, and feel better about it). If you shop what’s in season you can get fruits and veggies pretty cheap.

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