059. October 26, 2013 ::: Never Ever Ever Link-up, no.2 ::: throwback photo f

Good Saturday evening, y’all.

I have a “throwback photo” from… November 2010. Please be polite and give a warm smile to… my old flip phone. 😀

Tee hee.


Today’s, umm, “smart” phones that you see everyday were already getting popular, but I held onto my flip phone as long as I could. I don’t like moving forward in technology when everyone else does.

I like holding onto things until I’m personally ready to let go. I like staying in my comfort zone.The phone in this picture (Polka was her name!) was the phone I was really attached to. That polka dotted cover was my fave. 

Although I love my Android, I miss Polka from time to time… but the Android has come quite handy for me. It’s been helpful to have some way to “get directions” whenever I’ve been lost, to watch a short Youtube video clip when I’ve gotten bored, and to look at Facebook.I never did name my Android though. I got my Android in 2011… is it too late for a name? Hmm.  

Well… I am linking up with The Vintage Modern Wife for  “Never Ever Ever…”, which is my second time linking up with these ladies. And then I’m calling it a night. 

Blessings to all.

The Vintage Modern Wife: Never Ever Ever Link Up

October 26, 2013 

I will never ever ever… 

.. stop feeling inspiration for writing at times where I’m actually unable to write (like when I’m driving or at work). Grrr. And then when I am finally able to “write it down”, I forget what sparked my interest and I end up not writing anything down. 😦
I guess it’s time to invest in one of those 90 cent miniature memo pads… or I guess I do have a memo pad on my phone, which I forget about most of the time. Hmm. If I would get things written down during my break at work or just whenever is convenient, perhaps It would get me back into journaling. Because I haven’t been journaling, but I want to. I am so behind on my journaling. It’s sad.  

.. stop feeling sympathy for the cats that walk by my apartment that aren’t cared for much. aww. 

.. not daydream about what past decades would have been like to live in. 🙂 

.. use enough lotion this time of year! wow… my hands have already required a lot of lotion, and it’s just been a week since I first needed to wear lotion again. 

.. feel like I’m using 100 percent of my time wisely. It seems that in some cases, I could be managing my time better and getting more things done, as well as relaxing better during other times. 

.. not have days during the week where I feel like I’m forgetting something. Ha! .. use too many hashtags on Facebook. There IS a limit on hashtags.


One thought on “059. October 26, 2013 ::: Never Ever Ever Link-up, no.2 ::: throwback photo f

  1. I honestly hate the hash tags on Facebook! I wish they’d leave that to twitter. The point of them is to find or post things related to a subject on twitter, but people seem to just make them up, lol.

    I had that same flip phone, a RAZR. It had a cool cover with stars on it too, I still have it in a drawer somewhere. I guess I should recycle it or something- I don’t even have a smartphone or want one, the bills are super pricey and I don’t like being tied down to technology since I already work a desk job. It’s neat to see a pic of your old phone though, I love the cover.

    Hope you have a nice week!

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