055. Brainstorming new blog name ::: 4 things declared on my list of 5 (TBA later!) ::: joy in M&M’s :::g

Good evening, y’all.

I am need of a new blog name… I started this blog in January, and that’s where the “fresh start”  part came from. Due to certain situations, I needed a fresh start. Well, now that I’m 55 posts in, I think I’m past the “fresh start” part… hmm. So I’m brainstorming like ten different blog names right now, and I’m trying to figure out which one will work. The decision will be final by Sunday evening.

So… the first half of my contact lenses came in yesterday. Yeah! I definitely look forward to getting my other half eventually. I’m happy that the “newness” discomfort has subsided. Even though I’ve worn contacts since I was 17, there’s always a discomfort on a new brand for the first couple of days.

Well, I had the pleasure of joining my parents for supper yesterday. We had meatloaf, peas and tator tots. Yum. And for dessert, I had some M&M’s and my parents had Tootsie Rolls. I’m actually proud that I’ve made a single serving of M&M’s last two days; I ate one half of the serving yesterday and the other half today.

A joy that I have found in M&M’s is pouring them on a white napkin, turning them all face-up, and eating them that way. 😀

Hehe. And I really don’t mind which direction the “M” is facing… it could be M, W, E, or 3… just as long as the M’s are facing up. And color consumption is random. Red is my favoritee color, but I find the green ones just as fun. Yellow is happiness. 

Anyways… I am still working on my “5 things to do before 2O13 ends” list, which is the idea I got from the Teen Jesus Freaks page on Facebook. By the way, I started talking about this in my previous blog post, in case you all want to read more about the status that was posted on the TJF page a few weeks ago. 😀

I have FOUR things declared on my “list of 5 things before end of 2O13” list. Woo! I’m getting excited. Now, of course I know I have to keep my tight budget in mind as I’m making this list… but I really am getting excited. As I also said in my previous blog post, 2O13 hasn’t been that big of a year for me, so I’m determined to make these last three months and  three days meaningful.

Although I am excited about my list, I will not share it until I have idea/plan/goal #5 decided… oh, decisions, decisions. I have three different ideas for #5. No final answer yet though.



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