054. Handwritten post ::: three months until Christmas! ::: friendly cat ::: new shoes ::: eye doc. appt.















2 thoughts on “054. Handwritten post ::: three months until Christmas! ::: friendly cat ::: new shoes ::: eye doc. appt.

  1. Sounds like you have been doing really well! I still need to schedule an eye appointment for Chris and I, but it will probably wait until next year because I still have to schedule a Dentist appt for Christopher, and I need to schedule a gynecologist appt for myself before the end of the year. (and I don’t have insurance… so those things cost money)
    I’m glad you got my card in the mail. I sent it out around the same time I sent a card to my G. Susie to thank her for Christopher’s gift and also to tell her “get well” because she just finished another back surgery.
    The temperature def has changed! It is still in the 70’s here, but with the weather change my father-in-law and I are now sick :/ (Hopefully we won’t give it to anyone else)
    We’re having Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup for dinner! YUM! 🙂 (Great for when your sick, or even if it is chilly… of course you work in that type of environment, so I don’t know if you would be intrigued by our dinner ;))
    I know I haven’t been writing in my blog like I should, but I am trying! :/ (I have written like crazy in the notebook though!!!)
    I love your shoes! I’m one of those girls that use to have TONS of shoes… but I got rid of almost all of them because of my back. I can no longer where high heels, so they went to Goodwill.
    I love your list of things to do! I’ll join you if you like. So… it’s just 5 things to accomplish before the year is out? I already accomplished 3 things… so I guess I can add two more? 🙂

    Well I hope you have a great Wednesday!


    1. Yeah… I haven’t even gotten to the dentist scheduling for an awfully long time, but that’s the least of my worries right now. I have the “female” appointment next month, and then I’m hoping to get the rest of my contacts ordered by November. Yup. This is coming out of my pocketbook, too. Sad day.
      You’re very talented at card making!
      Yup. Five things to do by December 31st. I’m still thinking of my last two things. I know I have time to think about it, but still.
      Oh and by the way, that thankfulness project for blogging in November sounds great. You mentioned that they other day. 😀

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