053. Finding “smiley” moments :D ::: appreciating the little things.

I would like to present a smiley I created this morning with onions, a peppadew pepper, and feta cheese during my break at work.

Yay for happiness.


I was indulding in an employee discount meal. A “You Pick Two” (or… me pick two?) of a half Asian Sesame Chicken Salad, a half Mediterranean Veggie sandwich, and an apple. Yum.

I normally don’t eat that healthy, but today I was in the mood to be a little healthy. I normally go for comfort foods at work… lots of meat, sugar, and soup. I should stop relying on comfort foods all the time. Comfort foods promise short-term comfort, but not always long-sterm.

Well, I’ve been thinking about “smiley” moments lately, and trying to figure out what makes ME smile. Lately I’ve been focusing on BIG things I want to do in life. And lately I’ve been feeling sad, because a lot of these things are really big, which means that they’re out of reach at this time in my life. And then I feel discouraged… which isn’t good.

However, I’m learning that focusing on the big things I want in life doesn’t help. Although it would be nice to do everything I want to do in life right now, as well as have everything I want, true happiness will come when I learn to be thankful for what I do have and appreciate my life the way it is now.

Because… the truth is that I’m blessed. I am blessed. But I don’t always realize how blessed I am, because I’m constantly looking around at what other people have or what other people are doing in their lives… and then I’m miserable, because I want what they have. I get caught up in the ordering “what she’s having, please” and then I feel incomplete.

But when I stop looking for what other people do have and focus on what I’m blessed with, that’s when the smile appears. And when I find those “happy moments,” I do feel complete.


I’m going to work on appreciating the little things in life more, as well as being thankful for what I do have.

Most importantly, I want my smile to shine. I want to be happy. And I want to glorify the One who created my smile.


4 thoughts on “053. Finding “smiley” moments :D ::: appreciating the little things.

  1. That lunch sounds pretty delish- minus the chicken on the salad. Panera’s tasty like that. I don’t usually go for comfort foods but I did have some french fries last night with a shrimp pita at the Greek restaurant, then tonight I ate scrambled eggs for dinner (yummy!).

    Just keep smiling and working hard for your dreams and they’ll come true. It tastes awhile, you have to be persistent and work extra hard. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and nothing worth having ever just “comes” anyway. Good luck!

  2. I really liked this post! November of course is always the time of year we list each day what we’re thankful for! I’m doing a blog post FINALLY this year each day of November of what I am thankful for. 🙂 Maybe we could both do it? I think Amy does it every year as well. I too don’t look at the “good” things I have, and look at what others have. For example— Amy’s BEAUTIFUL home in Charleston!!! (Still a tad JEALOUS) but I know in time, I too can have a home again. 🙂
    I hope you smile today! (it’s beautiful outside here… so it is sunny somewhere… and that always warrants a smile!)


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