050. Ten Interesting Facts about 1987

So… I changed my mind about today. In my previous entry on Monday, I posted a list of “Interesting Facts about 2006,” with that being high school graduation year. I mentioned on Monday how I actually got this idea from my blogging friend Amy  and how she wrote a list of facts from 2003, her graduation year.

And today I was planning on posting a list about 2011, my college graduation year. However, since 2011 is still pretty recent and within in the last two years, I decided against it.

Instead of looking at 2011… I decided to find some interesting facts about 1987, the year I was born. My “baby’s first Christmas” wasn’t until 1988 though, since I was born on December 29th. 😀

My brother and me.
My brother and me.

And…. here we go. 🙂


Ten Interesting Facts about the Year 1987

1. After winning Super Bowl XXI, Phil Simms of The Giants declared, “I’m going to Disney World.”


2. 1987 was the year that Red Bull started accelerating parties.

Ha! I have my own story with an “energy drink” (not with Red Bull though).


3. First appearances and most popular Christmas gifts and toys included Double Loves transforming plush animals, Jenga, Koosh Ball, and Pictionary.


4. A few of the celebrity heartthrobs in the late ’80s were Kirk Cameron, River Phoenix, John Stamos, and Michael J. Fox.

(And I know there were a lot more!)





5. One of the prices for gasoline per gallon during this time was…


and I read that the “prices went up” to 89 cents from there!

(Oh. My! Paying $7, $8 or even $9 to fill up the Neon is practically unthinkable.)

6. Also, an interesting fact about this year is….


7. A rather famous T.V. star.


8. Disposable Contact Lenses became available for commercial distribution.


9. January 26th was the 14th American Music Award… Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie % Alabama.

Whitney Houston in 1987…  1987m

And this was before the “Hollywood lifestyle” kicked in… pretty sad story, actually.

10. And… last but definitely not least… the common “cellular phone” in 1987. Oh, dear!



2 thoughts on “050. Ten Interesting Facts about 1987

  1. I love this entry! The best ones are when you go way back- just like the shows on VH1 like I love the 90s and the 80s :). I can’t believe contact lenses are so new and John Stamos is still a heartthrob :).

    You definitely had to wait awhile for your first Christmas. Reminds me of my cousin, he was born on Dec. 26, lol. He had to wait a whole year until he was almost one.

  2. I love this entry too because you and I were born in the same year 1 day apart 🙂 I use to have those “Koosh” looking things, but they were pens and they had faces lol. I also think it is HILARIOUS to look at what “cellular” phones looked like! lmfao! 🙂

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