042. Rearranging, then undoing ::: burns. ouch. ::: cotton candy is a win. ::: A/C leaking. :P

Oh, man! I’ve been dealing with “writer’s block” again, but I thought that I’d log on and start a new blog post, just to see what comes to mind. It looks like I do have some things to talk about, which is good. 🙂

As an aspring writer, one of my greatest fears is… beginning with a blank page, and then leaving with the same blank page. Please don’t let that happen to me. Please.

Last Thursday, I came home and walked into my apartment with one of those feelings to rearrange and move things around. I thought I’d be successful… but I wasn’t. 😦

Pretty much everything that I moved around and changed, I ended up moving back. I guess I just needed to make sure that my living arrangement was working out. “It’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

I guess I’ll just have to accept the fact that in a studio, a-little-bigger-than-a-college-dorm-room sized apartment, there is only a small handful of ways I can put things. My new scenery didn’t last a whole 24 hours, I will say. Haha! I am still happy for my pull-down bed though. It has been LOVELY to just “put my bed away when I’m done with it.” Not everyone can say that. 😀 And I’m enjoying it while it lasts. I won’t really have the option whenever I do move into a full apartment someday. Every morning, I’m still amazed at how putting my bed away creates more space.

My real bed is still at my parents’, along with my dresser, hope chest and other stuff I couldn’t take with me on the move.

And I’m still using the apartment’s couch. It’s an old couch. But it still works… and it’s perfect for the time being, until situations get better for me to get my own couch. I have learned twice now though, that the apt’s couch needs to be perpendicular to the AC/heater unit. Having it parallel shrinks down the place, blocks walking space, and it just looks plain awkward.

I did leave some things in their new place though. For example, my kitchen dishes… I moved my plates, bowls, cups and mugs around. Since I’m short, I’m still going to have to stand on a chair to bring certain things down… but I moved most of the glass/ceramic belongings down.

Also… I brought my storage tower out. Yes, my dear ole’ storage tower that got me through end of my Hillsdale High days, as well as my “year off between h.s. and college”, and Evangel, MVNU and now my apartment. It’s cracking. It’s getting older… but it is plastic, and plastic definitely is temporary. I do want to hold onto it until it does break completely. I can’t dream of parting with it now. And… I also brough my microwave down an inch or so, and now I don’t need to stand on my tippie-toes to put something in and take something out. And I straightened my books… or the books that didn’t leave my parents’ house, for now.














Well, I have added more burns to my collection of burns that I usually get from work. Several weeks ago, the same week as when I last donated blood, I burnt myself on the same arm. I think that was two days after my donation. It was at the end of June. And… today at work, I burnt myself on the same arm. Maybe I’m not using enough caution?

This burn has faded pretty well! You can still see it, but the "newness" of it is gone.
This burn has faded pretty well! You can still see it, but the “newness” of it is gone.
This one still stings. :(
This one still stings. 😦













Eating cotton candy a few days ago was a defininite win!  😀

Yum. Pink!

Earlier this week, I was experiencing some A/C leakage… but that happened to me last summer. Crazy humidity! Ick. Well, maintenance has seemed to have taken care of it, so hopefully it’ll stay good. At least my electric bill hasn’t been super high these summer months. Yes, you all read that right. I don’t run my AC as much as my heater, so I have a lower payment in the summer… oh, and the power outage almost two weeks ago saved me on electric. Score! 😀

Well, here’s my carpet damage… but thankfully, I learned how a certain cleaning supply can just scrub. Yes, I clean my carpet from time to time. Not all the time. But occassionally, a little fresh-scented foamy cleanse doesn’t hurt.







Well, I think I’ve done okay with not leaving a page blank for today. 🙂


2 thoughts on “042. Rearranging, then undoing ::: burns. ouch. ::: cotton candy is a win. ::: A/C leaking. :P

  1. When i was doing my song and poetry writing– for two years I had writers block 😦 It made me sad on the inside… :/
    I hope you are staying cool! 🙂
    I hope you have a good day!


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