035. Still not too much going on ::: time with the pets! ::: Sunday dress-ups ::: sunshine. for a little bit.


I know I haven’t written in here lately, but there really isn’t much to write about at the moment. I guess that June has been more of a slower month for me. Hopefully it’ll pick up soon, as far as things to do. And I think it will. And when I say “slower,” I don’t mean that it’s passing by slowly. I just mean that it’s not as filled with different happenings as much as other months.


I am still working at Panera. As crazy as it is believe, the 27th of this month will have been two years since I started working there. These two years have gone by quickly.

Well, like I said, there’s not too much going on right now. I have been spending time with my parents every once in awhile. Tomorrow is actually their 33rd anniversary; it will also be my brother and sister-in-law’s 10th anniversary. My brother and sister-in-law actually live in Florida though, so I won’t be seeing them. I am planning on going out to eat with my parents tomorrow though. It’ll be fun! And that will finally be one happening for the month of June to talk about in here.

I don’t have any “very recent” pictures of my parents and me together (unless you count March very recent), but I do have Cocoa and Precious in this post with me today.

Aw. Cocoa’s saying “hi,” whereas Precious looks as if she’s saying, “Yeah, yeah. Don’t wake me up anymore.” Haha!



In other happenings, I’ve been renting DVDs and checking out books. Recreation on a budget.

And… here’s a moment captured in one of my latest Sunday dress-ups, when I was looking around Kmart after church a couple weeks ago.


And… that’s really all I can think of to say… for now. I will be posting this weekend. I will have things to talk about, which excites me. 🙂

Oh! I do have a weather update. We’ve seen a lot of clouds and rain lately, and last night we dealt with a “portion” of the big storms traveling through Ohio. I am very thankful to say that we didn’t get that bad of the storms. We got lots of rain. Lots of wind. Lots of thunder and lightning. The worst it did was wake me up last night.

And… we have a little bit of sunshine for now. It’s a good day.


One thought on “035. Still not too much going on ::: time with the pets! ::: Sunday dress-ups ::: sunshine. for a little bit.

  1. We’ve had lots of rain too. In fact tonight we’re supposed to have a chance of thunderstorms— which doesn’t surprise me with it being almost “summer” and all. 😛
    I wrote you a quick note today! I’ll be sending it out tomorrow so that will be something to look forward too. 🙂
    Usually my moths of June are never super busy, but this month I had a Dr. Appt, I will be going to physical therapy, we’re sending Christopher to his first day at “pre-school camp” and my father-in-law had a birthday! 🙂

    Hope your day is going good!


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