031. No need for a title.


I decided that I wasn’t quite done blogging yet for today.

I totally admire Germ-X’s “Blastin’ Blueberry” hand sanitzer that kills 99.99% of my germs.
Sorry, Bath & Body Works. I like this brand more. Maybe one day, I’ll start using B&BW sanitizer again.
I could use B&BW’s foamy hand soaps again, though.

I got to pet a cat when I took a walk earlier this evening.

The drip-dry parts of my laundry (sweaters, mostly!) are almost completely dry.

My eating schedule is so mixed up anymore. My meals are at different times now.
I don’t think that’s considered a bad thing. It’s just “what is.”

Speaking of “what is,” I’ve been pondering too much on the “what if” scenarios on my life. It’s so much easier to look at what if, instead of what is.

My mp3 player is finally charged, again. It’ll probably need charged again later this week.

I love how these really warm days just bring the “young at heart” out of everyone. Two nights ago, I had the urge to fight and say, “I don’t want to go to bed.” It’s just so beautiful. Summer’s coming!

The only scary thing… it’s tornado season, again.


One thought on “031. No need for a title.

  1. Hello. So good to hear from you. Tornado season always SUCKS! I feel so bad for those in Moore, Oklahoma. Watching it on the news made me cry.
    When I worked at Rue my eating schedule was also all over the place, and I must say now that I don’t work there anymore, and I am home and on a schedule, I actually lost 20 lbs since eating right and on time. (yes… 20 lbs. I now weigh 140lbs. and the last time I was at Rue I weighed 162. ) So maybe scheduling does have things to do with it.
    I go into Bath and Body to browse around, but I have enough hand sanitizer stocked up that I probably won’t need anymore for another 2 years. (I always buy it when it is on one of their super sales)

    Hope you have a great Wednesday! 🙂


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