030. Five Question Friday ::: May 19, 2013 ::: warmness = happiness.

Goooood Sunday afternoon, y’all.

I cannot believe that I have only been awake for almost four hours so far today. Waking up at noon just feels… out of place. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to start the day this morning, or this afternoon. My brain just couldn’t get it together. Haha!

I was at the laundromat last night. Gotta love those sudden urges to get everything washed, even if it is getting late. So happy for clean clothes! And I finally got back around 11:15p.m.. I was already running on about four hours of sleep all day. I took a shower when I put everything away, and I went to bed at 12:30, and when I awoke this morning, it felt like it was only 9 or 10’clock, but it was actually noon.

And I was a little sad, because I wanted to go to church this morning. I haven’t been to church in a several weeks. Ahhhh! So, I missed out on that again this morning. 😦

Well, for the first time in MONTHS, and months, months, months, I am linking up with “My Little Life” for Five Question Friday.

Seriously, I haven’t done this link-up for about a year… but only because the questions don’t usually “apply to me,” if that’s the correct choice of words. The questions are usually about husbands and kids, and I’m usually thinking, “Umm. Cupcake?”
And for once, I can actually answer all the questions! So, I’m jumping in before the link-up closes up tonight.

Have a beautiful afternoon!

1. Do you have a doppelgänger?
I have freckles all over my face & arms, so I don’t really have a “celebrity” twin. And I know some people say, “Oh, I look like this actress.” But… I remember back when I was in middle school, some people in my grade told me that I reminded them of Eliza from Nickelodeon’s The Wild Thornberrys… except that I don’t have red hair or braces.

I actually did wear my hair like this when I was in 7th and 8th grades.
I actually did wear my hair like this when I was in 7th and 8th grades.

And… I do not have a picture of me with THAT particular hairstyle, but here’s a picture of me when I was in 6th grade, I think? Anyway, I’m at a church campground. And… I’m on the bottom row, to the right. And I do not know why I have beads across my forehead. Haha! But this is the closest I probably got to being Eliza Thornberry. 😛

Melissa, Ashley, our guest who spoke at one of the church services, and Amanda. Lynn, Sierra and me.
Melissa, Ashley, our guest who spoke at one of the worship services, and Amanda.
Lynn, Sierra and me.

2. Do you keep your car cleaned up?
Haha! NO.
I do good with getting the car washed on a regular basis, and I do try to vacuum it at the gas station from time to time… but pretty much, on a regular basis, I have bottled water… empty bottles that used to have water in them. I have other things in the backseat. I have things in the trunk.
It’s kind of embarrassing, actually.
I think I will 30 minutes sometime this week and squeeze a vacuuming. “Flame” needs it. Bad.
I don’t get it though. When I take pictures of myself in the car, you can’t even tell that I leave stuff in the car. Yeah, that’s because it’s all on the floor.

This is from April.
This is from April.

3. What is a current fashion that drives you crazy?
Really, really, really tight and skinny pants… but mainly because those don’t really fit my body makeup. And… ummm… I’m not really sure what else for now.

4. How often do you go grocery shopping?
About once every paycheck… or so. I try to do my “main grocery shopping” once every paycheck, but there are those moments where I’m like, “Ahhhh! I forgot to pick up margarine,” or “Chocolate chip cookies sound good.” Or… “crescent rolls would go well with this.”
And… then I’ll pick up some more things, if it allows in the pocketbook. 🙂

5. What has been the best surprise of your life?
Oh wow! I’m not really sure. I’ve been surprised lots of times, and they’ve all been wonderful surprises! One example would probably be… when I was in between 11th and 12th grades, and when I was on summer vacation, my parents & I were planning on going to Florida for the third time in my life. We were visiting my brother & sister-in-law that June (they didn’t have any kids yet!), and it was also going to my parents’ 25th anniversary and John/Kristi’s 2nd’s anniversary.
We were going to drive, which is of course a really long, long drive, but my parents had decided a couple months before that we were flying. And I had never really traveled by plane before, but I had ALWAYS wanted to. I had always talked about wanting to fly, always dreamt of it, and just the thought made me happy.
And… my surprised me with the news that we were flying, probably a week after school let out for the summer, I think? I was so happy! It was exciting. And that was back in 2005.
And I’ve flown a few times since then… but 2005 was the first time ever being an airline passenger, and I will always remember that day. I was so happy. I love being up in the air. I miss it. It makes me feel so secure. And in a way, flying makes me feel closer to God, if that makes any sense. 😀

Another surprise?
Last year in January, when my friend Chelsea called me up and announced her engagement, and she asked me to be her M.O.H. Eeeeek!
I was also excited for this! I had never been a bridesmaid before, but I had always wanted to be. And I didn’t get to go out to Colorado until that September, but it was a neat surprise being asked to be M.O.H. and to share that with Chelsea. That’s definitely one experience that I will remember from 2012. And then Chelsea moved to Belgium with her husband after the wedding, so I’m not sure when I will see her again. Hopefully sometime in the near future. We had met at Evangel University in 2007. 🙂


I do have more surprises in my life, but that’s all I have time for this link-up now.


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