027. It’s Okay Thurs… leaving soon. :( ::: May 9, 2013 ::: usual ponderings.

It’s Thursday afternoon, and that means it’s time for my favorite link-up… It’s Okay Thursday with “Brunch with Amber” and “A Complete Waste of Makeup.”

And yes, I was one of the saddened bloggers to read that It’s Okay Thursday will be ending at the end of this month. 😦 Sad day.

Therefore, I will enjoy this link-up as much as I can until then.
Live. In. The. Moment!!! 😀

Its Ok Thursdays

May 9, 2013

It’s Okay…

.. that I have been a 90s person again by pulling out my portable CD player when I was too lazy to charge my mp3 player earlier this week (yes, I still do mp3’s).

.. to feel sad for kids nowadays. They’ll never experience the thrill of passing handwritten notes in class! It’s all text messaging now.

.. to brew hot coffee (or wait until it’s between warm & hot, actually!) before work in the early morning, and to store the extra in the fridge, coming home to have my choice of either reheating the leftover coffee in the microwave OR making an iced coffee drink. Yum. With the nice warm weather lately though, I’ve been doing the iced coffee in the afternoons.

.. that I’m already starting to wonder what I’ll blog about on Thursdays next month.

.. to giggle after putting laundry away, or just to feel good after finishing any type of work!

.. to get lost in ponderings while sitting by an open window.

.. to feel overwhelmed when a bee stalks me, even if I’m not allergic to them. Scary little things!

.. to be EXCITED that my electric bill is already cheaper this season! Yes, my electric bill decreases as it warms up outside. I run my heater A LOT more than my A/C. And my A/C is loud and obnoxious, so I try not to turn it on, unless I’m absolutely, uncomfortably burning up.

.. to wonder what’s with all the dogs barking at the same time here at the apartments at 3:00 in the afternoon?? It’s like the “twilight bark” from 101 Dalmations or something. 😛

.. that I’m excited to see small quotes by Emily Dickinson and Henry David Thoreau ON DISPLAY at work for the next food celebration. 😀

.. to have eaten a lot of the chocolate chip cookies I baked on Tuesday evening already. Shhhhh.

..that I’m starting to get ideas on what do do this summer. And hopefully, those ideas will turn into plans!


4 thoughts on “027. It’s Okay Thurs… leaving soon. :( ::: May 9, 2013 ::: usual ponderings.

  1. I do the iced coffee thing too. It makes for a nice afternoon treat. In fact I think I may have some in a bit hehe. I hate that It’s Okay Thursday is ending, I actually just figured that out from your post here. I guess I should do it soon so that I can do it again, lol, but I already blogged for today. Good excuse for me to write real blogs ;).

    1. Oh, I know! I’ve been lacking ideas for “real” blog entries lately, and although link-ups are great, I feel that I’ve been relying on them of all my posts. Maybe it’s good that I.Ok.Thr’s ending… give me a chance to be inspired more!

      Yeah, I used to think that the idea of iced coffee was strange, but it’s so yummy, especially when chocolate’s in it!

    1. Yeah, I was pretty sad when I saw that I.O.Thrs was ending, but I did get a chance to link up with it for awhile, which I was pretty thankful for.
      I love iced coffee with either chocolate syrup and 2% milk or some vanilla extract in it. Yum.

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