021. It’s April, it’s April ::: still chilly outside :P ::: Mario video game music ::: pet-sitting fun.

Good afternoon, bloggers!

I am out running errands and getting a good variety of things done, actually, which I’m very happy about. Things are looking up this week. Even though it’s still chilly outside, I’m happy that it’s April. Our snow has melted, melted, and melted… and according to the weather updates, there does not seem to be ANY snow expected anytime soon. 😀

Oh! Oh! That’s one sign that we’re definitely approaching spring. I’m just so happy for the month of April. When I think of April, I think of turning the pages and making room for changes in life. If only…

Well, here’s the latest “in the car self-portrait” that I’ve taken…


Well, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I am pet-sitting again. I’m having fun with it. I had first pet-sat for couple from church during Thanksgiving, and now I’m watching their dogs again while they are on spring break. I’m watching a black laborador and a sheltie (sp?). Here are some “awww” moments that I’ve captured so far this week.

Pepper is the lab, and Bella is the sheltie.

Look at that face.


Okay, in this picture, I was attempting to sing. Attempting, being the key word.
Making faces!


Stay tuned for more “aww” moments. 🙂

Well, I am a nerd. I haven’t kept up with the latest video game systems (besides the Nintendo Wii), but I played with the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo in my childhood.

I miss those times. 😦

I found some Dr. Mario music on YouTube yesterday.

Yup, I’m a nerd.


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