018. It’s Okay Thursday ::: lots of movie-watching ::: making the most of the cold!

Hellooo. 😀

Today I’m linking up with “Brunch with Amber” and “A Complete Waste of Makeup” for It’s Okay Thursday.

More posts coming soon! G’day.

Its Ok Thursdays

March 21, 2013

It’s Okay..”

.. that I have already used the “free movie rental” coupon that I received from Family Video in the mail a couple of days ago. Free stuff, yeah! 😀

.. to see paint and an empty glass jar, and to feel some inspiration.

.. to… pardon me, but to actually be a little entertained when people start arguing a lot on Facebook. Reading their personal moments published for the world to see and witnessing their moments of what they feel is their victory in the argument, is better than any soap opera.

.. to be careful that I, myself, don’t put anything too personal on Facebook (hey! Once it’s out there, it’s out there).

.. to look at my leg when I feel that something’s crawling on me. Eww.

.. to plan to donate blood again soon (hopefully they’ll find my veins better this time! I almost got disqualified last time for smaller and smaller veins each time. :(.)

.. that I’m undecided on what to do next with my hair! I mean, the next “big” new hairstyle!

.. to be excited about actually acquiring a full tank of gas yesterday, for the first time in awhile.

.. to actually not be too depressed about the cold weather lately. Everyone’s moping around around about it, but I’ve been making the most of it with my ear muffs, fuzzy pj pants, etc. It’s not that bad layering up still. Seriously.

.. to be thankful that I’m not too depressed about the cold lately. It’s all attitude, really.

.. that I’ve been watching a good variety of movies lately! I do stay away from slasher/gory type things though. Ick.

.. to just be happy where I’m at in life right now, even if it’s not my life goal. It’s where I’m meant to be right now. ^__^

.. to do research and find out things either by looking them up, or asking questions.

.. that I enjoy smelling… old. books. (nerdy girl problems!)

.. to avoid typing in all caps, as much as I can. It looks like yelling. 😦

.. to enjoy mopping and seriously find it therapeautic when I get the chance to do it at work. ^___^

.. to smile when word gets out about my admiration for mopping, and to still enjoy doing it.

.. to love cheeseburgers! Yum.


2 thoughts on “018. It’s Okay Thursday ::: lots of movie-watching ::: making the most of the cold!

  1. I have very prominent veins but cannot donate. My veins are a phlebotomist’s dream and my small size is their nightmare :). I didn’t even realize many video stores were still around or offering a free rental coupon? All of them here have closed, but we have Netflix anyway and we have DirecTV, so we DVR stuff all the time and watch it later. I still think the library is the best bet bc it’s free :).

    1. Yeah! The first several times I donated blood, they did okay finding a vein, but lately when I’ve donated, it’s been harder. Last time, which was March of ’12, they had to get all 5 of the nurses to find a good vein, and they checked both arms, and they kept asking, “Are you sure you’re a donor?” And I’m all like, “Yes! Yes! Here’sa proof that I’ve donated before” showing them my card. And ahhh! Hopefully I can have better luck next time. 😀

      Yeah, it’s sad that movie rentals are on their way out. Blockbuster is closing soon here. FV seems to be going strong! Yup, they send a “free movie or game rental coupon” to their customers every now and then. I went with a drama one this past time.

      Yup. I still rent from the library! 😀

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