017. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ::: canker sores in mouth ::: sleepy!

A BIG welcome to Thirty-something Lindy for beginning to follow my blog! Thank you for joining! 😀

Brrrr. It’s still cold outside here. I don’t think we’re looking at springtime weather this week, yet the calendar says that the first official day of spring is on Wednesday. Ahhhh! We’ll see how accurate the weather report is though.
Maybe this is actually a make-up winter for the “winter-spring” mix that we had last year.

I did enjoy still wearing my earmuffs to church this morning though. I still admire my comfortable earmuffs. ^__^
Today was perfect for them!

Well, I guess this is almost a speechless Sunday post. I have two canker sores in my mouth. And they hurt! Now, I’ve experienced mouth sores many times before; however, this is the first time I’ve had one on my tongue, and one on each side, too. 😦

This hopefully shouldn’t take too long in taking care of! I’ve already started cutting down on the sugar (usually the primary cause!), and I’m going to do the salt water method here shortly. I see Orajel on the list if those don’t help enough.

Oh, sores. Why must you be so blunt? I’ll update this later.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


2 thoughts on “017. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ::: canker sores in mouth ::: sleepy!

  1. It was super hot here today! I have a big tan line from my headband and Clay said it looks like I have a pink mask on because my face is a little pink from the sun! Hope the mouth sores heal.

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