016. It’s Okay Thursday ::: March 16, 2013

Good evening!

I actually forgot about this link-up. It’s been awhile. First time on this blog though.

Well, as usual on Saturday, not much is going on for me. I went to work this morning, and then I ate some leftover pasta for lunch. Took a nap. And I’ve been watching movies this evening. I rented some DVDS from the library and Family Video. I love cheap fun! 😀

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s Okay…

.. that I’m writing this on Saturday night instead of Thursday.

.. to get creative with leftover pasta and mix it with some unopened pizza dipping sauces that I had in the fridge. Yum. Today I mixed penne pasta with some garlic butter sauce from Pizza Hut that I’ve had for a little bit. ^__^

.. to not publish every waking thought on Facebook. Seriously.

.. to feel sorry for kids nowadays. We had cool “walkie talkies” in the 1990s. But now, “walkie talkies” just look like cell phones. Or pardon, “smart” phones.

.. to enjoy writing letters.

.. to think that it’s not that big of a deal that we lost an hour of sleep this week.

.. that I feel like I’ve been a little extra hungry this week. =/

.. to know that I definitely need to drink more water.

.. to walk away from certain situations.

.. to be happy when the car gets washed. For a moment, I thought I was driving a white car, as opposed to red. Winter humor.

.. that I double, or maybe triple, check to make sure that I set my alarm clock… or clocks.

.. to love the quiet of the mornings.

.. to be hopeful for wonderful things to happen this upcoming summer.

.. that I’m not sure what else to say for now.


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