015. Time with family ::: Jason’s Deli ::: Claire’s ::: random picture moments.

There! I was wondering how to get this blog on the lovely Eastern Standard Time. The blog was 5 hours ahead of my time, and when I would update in here after 7:00 p.m., the entry would say that it’d be posted the following day. I don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Well, I’m not doing too good of a job with this “blogging everyday in March” attempt, but March isn’t finished. ❤

I had the day off work on Wednesday, and I ended up going to Columbus to meet my grandparents and aunt Ruth, and my parents were there as well. And… we got more snow! Not too much. It was not much different than that “huge snow storm” were supposed to have on the night of Tuesday, March 5th, which we never got. We only received about a skiff (I like that word!) of snow. I did, however, drive through one minor snow storm on the way back home on Weds. evening.

I always have fun with my family, and I had not seen my grandparents since Christmas, and the last time I had seen my aunt Ruth was sometime in the late summer/early fall (my dates are blurring together right now!).

And... we're off to lunch!
And… we’re off to lunch! From left to right, front to back… Dad, Grandma, aunt Ruth, Mom, and Grandpa.










We ended up trying a new restaurant in town called Jason’s Deli. It’s similar to Panera, where I work, but umm… Panera’s pretty much better. 😀

Jason’s Deli was good to try once though. I thought the staff was pretty friendly, and the place seemed clean.

I ordered a chicken wrap with chips. The chicken in the wrap was delicious, but the wrap itself wasn’t very filling. The chicken in it tasted good though. I did try their chocolate mousse for dessert though, which was delicious!

They did have a salad bar which I probably should have tried, considering the fact that I have been lacking veggies, but I didn’t think much of it when I was ordering. Maybe I’ll do the salad bar next time if I go back.

The chips were pretty addicting!
The chips were pretty addicting!
I really enjoyed the place's decor.
I really enjoyed the place’s decor.









After lunch, we walked around the mall. Wow! Two malls for me in one week? This is too good! As I said in my previous post, I had not been to any mall since Christmastime, so it was pretty nice to visit one again, especially this mall.

I really don’t shop here enough! I need to start prioritizing better in getting hair decorations like these with some matching outfits.
I wish I would’ve bought this. 😦
Oh well. Something better will come along.

Of course, I had to stop by Claire’s! I don’t care if I am 25 years old. Claire’s still is, and probably will always be, one of my favorite stores.


     And… Aunt Ruth tried on a pair of non-prescription glasses! I’m glad that I captured this right before she removed them. 😀












My parents have walked in step for almost 33 years...
My parents have been walking in step for almost 33 years…


And… I think that’s all I want to say for now. Oh! Before I forget, here’s that “other snow” we had this week.

And I’ve been told that it’s not over yet.

The weather reports have made it sound so much more dramatic lately.
The weather reports have made it sound so much more dramatic lately.



2 thoughts on “015. Time with family ::: Jason’s Deli ::: Claire’s ::: random picture moments.

  1. Honestly, I think you’d like Forever 21 better than Claire’s. They have better accessories for 20somethings, but also sell clothes and other things, and it’s pretty cheap. They have a website too. Not sure if your malls there have it- I actually don’t know if we have one here or not, but I’ve been to the one in Myrtle Beach.

    I haven’t been to Jason’s Deli. Clay went and he didn’t like it much, but that doesn’t say a lot because sometimes we don’t have similar tastes in things like that. We have so many local sandwich places here, it’s hard to justify going to chains. But I heard Jason’s has soft serve for dessert here so that and the salad bar would probably get me in the door.

    1. I’ve been to Forever 21 a couple times! We really only have maybe a couple of them in Ohio, but I was able to find an accessory there once. I remember I was 5-10 minutes from one when I went to college in Missouri. I enjoyed their service! I think they’re may be on in Columbus still, but it’s at the other mall. 😦
      But Forever 21 was (and still may be) a Christian company. I haven’t been there in a long time, but they used to put the John 3:16 reference on the bottom of their bags. I hope they still do. 🙂

      Yeah… Jason’s Deli was a little hard to get into the groove. The only thing I was really offended by was the fact that our “cashier” asked us if this was our first time there, and we said yes… but then she just wanted to take our order. She didn’t really offer to help us otherwise.
      I know when I’m at work, and when a customer tells me they’ve never been to Panera, my managers want me to explain the menu, tell them how we do things, and to make sure they feel like a guest. ❤
      But… maybe the girl at Jason's Deli was new and was a little nervous or something. 🙂

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