014. Panchos & ice cream with parents ::: warm weather! ::: church ::: 80’s night at work meeting

Wow! I am so blessed. I’ve really enjoyed these past several days.

This is the time of year for spring breaks and “time off” off daily routines, and even if I don’t have a “spring break” anymore, I’ve still been able to find nice things to do outside of work , and I’ve just been in a good mood lately. I’ve enjoyed the things that have fit in the pocketbook lately. I will share! 🙂

One reason for the better mood is that the temperatures rose up to the 50’s and 60’s on Saturday! Spring is coming… but it’s only supposed to be back down to the 30s in a couple of days. Therefore, winter is not over, but at least we got to taste spring for a day. It’ll come back.

Well, on Saturday after work, I took a little road trip and met up with my parents over at Pancho’s. We’ve eaten there many times. It’s my parents’ favorite restaurant. It’s not my favorite, but it’s still a really good place to eat. I usually get tacos or a quesadilla, or something simple like that, but this time I had the “Texas Burrito” meal. It was really good. I ordered it without tomato, as I usually do for any food.


Yum. 😀  march14








After Pancho’s, we went for ice cream. Friendly’s is one of my favorite ice cream places. Well, actually, Andy’s Frozen Custard in Missouri is still my top favorite ice cream (or custard, really!) place, but I haven’t been in MO since I transferred from Evangel U. to MVNU in 2009, and Friendly’s is a good replacement for now. I am determined to taste the wonderful Andy’s again someday though.

Anyways, we used to have a Friendly’s in my hometown, but it shut down after I moved last year. -__-

It was really nice to indulge in the Forbidden Fudge Brownie Sundae… more yum-ness.



After getting ice cream, my parents & I parted ways for the evening. I stayed and looked around the mall, considering the fact that I hadn’t been at any mall since Christmas. Ahhhh! Even if you can’t spend that much, it’s always fun to at least walk around a mall and get that exercise, be inspired and just do something that doesn’t isolate you all the time. I did get a picture of the three of us before I looked around. 🙂









On Sunday, I went to church. I still attend Evangel A/G. We still don’t have a “new pastor,” but the interim pastor’s sermons are well. I’m getting a lot out of them, actually. He has recently started a topic for March called “Wired for Worship,” and I’ve really enjoyed the first two Sunday sermons of them.

In fact, you know you want to take notes on a church sermon when you forget your journal and don’t grab a church bulletin on the way in, so you end up taking notes on the back of a tithes/offering envelope. 🙂

Yes, I take notes in church. I’ve done that on & off since I was in middle school, and I remember the sermons better if I write down certain points from it, even if/when I lose the notes. That, and taking notes helps me to pay attention better.


And… small group met last night. It was actually week 1 of the study of Joshua. My group is going to meet every other Sunday evening for this 4-week study. It looks like more couples have joined the group. I seem to be the only single person in the group, but that’s okay. I’m enjoying it as we go along, and I try to get involved in the conversations and such. There’s really not many single people my age at the church… right now, at least.

I actually had to leave small group early though, because last night I had a meeting at work.

5-6 times a year, Panera Bread has meetings that are called Bread Bash, and last night was the meeting for our spring celebration foods that start on Wednesday. Bread Bash is always on a Sunday evening, which is three days before any new celebration start date.

We’ve already run out of our chicken stew for the season. Our red velvet crinkle cookies, which started at Christmastime, are running low. A couple other signs of spring. 🙂

Well, this Bread Bash was a lot of fun! It was 80’s themed, and if anyone knows me, I do like 80’s things. My favorite movies are from the 80’s (Back to the Future, to name one of them!). 80’s music is pretty much awesome, and I am happy to see that 80’s styles are slowly coming back in the stores. Not too much, but a nice small amount.

Here’s what I acquired from the mall… march18


Ha! My crimper from when I first owned in 8th grade never fails!

Side ponytail! 😀


And I was born in 1987, so I came at the end of these styles.



And… not everyone on the Panera staff participated in 80’s night, but here’s bunch that did. Well, I have two pictures. Mine’s the blury one… I’ll post that first. The one who took my phone moved it a little bit, but at least you can still recognize everyone. I really should pull out my digital camera sometime again though…



And here’s a better picture that I was tagged in from someone else’s on Facebook that I saved. This one looks prettier and sharper.


bread bash

From left to right:

Me, Gillian, Kim, Mariah, Katie, Trent, Korrina, Paige, Emily, Michelle and Kathy.

Kim, Mariah and Katie are managers. Katie’s the GM.

I work mostly with Kim, Mariah, Katie, Emily, Trent and Kathy. I see everyone else in this picture only once in awhile.

We do have more Panera-lites on the staff, and hopefully someday I’ll get pictures of them, too. I mean, I’ve been at Panera since June 2011. I should do more pictures. 🙂


Ahhhh. It’s pouring down rain outside and getting dark. Boo.


4 thoughts on “014. Panchos & ice cream with parents ::: warm weather! ::: church ::: 80’s night at work meeting

  1. A lot of jobs (well, most places I’ve worked) weren’t super fond of pictures so I can understand why you don’t have a bunch of Panera pics up here :). It looks like 80s night was a lot of fun though. I’ve still only been to Panera that one time down here but it was really good. We just have a soup, salad, bread place right by the apartment that’s more convenient, that’s it.

    I go to the mall a lot and just walk around. I get bored at home and it’s something to do!

    The ice cream looks good. I haven’t had an ice cream sundae or something in forever. I pretty much stick with frozen yogurt now.

    1. Well, since I’ve moved a county over, I’m actually not near any mall right now. The one I used to go to all the time is pretty much just fading, which is sad, and it only seems to come alive at Christmastime, but every year the “aliveness” just isn’t that overwhelming as it once was. But the mall I went to on Saturday is still pretty awesome. It’s always nice to know that I can rely on a bigger shopping city when needed.

      Yeah, I love taking pictures, but at work I’ve always been shy of doing it… at all my jobs. I guess it’s just weird to ask, “Hey, can I get a picture with you” during the shifts. Haha! But Bread Bash is pretty suitable for something like that, so maybe next time I can see about capturing more moments like that. And hopefully B.B. has a theme again! It was fun to have something to dress for.

      We have a frozen yogurt place called OH-YO that just opened a few months ago. And I still haven’t been there. Yeah, I don’t go out for ice cream much anymore. There’s not many good ice cream places around here, so the trip to Friendly’s was pretty special. 🙂

      1. You should go to the self serve froyo place, I love the name of it and it’s like an ice cream buffet but you only get one trip. Plus you can get as much or little as you want which can save you money (or cost you more money… ).

        We have 3 malls here in CHS. 2 are great (one is an outdoor mall with covered areas), and 1 is less than stellar. Of course you know which one I live by… LOL. but at least the good malls are a short drive away!

  2. Yup. That’s what OH-YO is. Self-serve, and I think you’re charged based on weight of your dish. Well, maybe next paycheck I’ll try it. That sounds lovely. I’m sure I would like it.

    Yes, I love living in town now, but my town’s still a small town, and it doesn’t quite have everything. We do have a Kohls and JC Penny though. 🙂 That’s sorta mall-ish. Just not connected. My favorite malls are in Columbus though. Easton and Polaris. Beautiful areas. 😀

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