013. Reasons to be Cheerful blog link-up ::: counting my blessings.

It just occured to me that since I’ve started writing in my new blog, I have not joined in any link-ups under this blog. I found this particular one last spring, I believe.

Well, I’m joining in again. There’s a lot to be content about right now, even though sometimes contentment can be easily be, but never should be forgotten!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

March 7, 2013

My reasons to be cheerful are…

.. the ground is getting warmer, which means that the snow is melting, which means that spring is literally around the corner! 😀

.. my electric bill is paid for the month.

.. for the first time since June 2012, I saw a movie at the theater. Yesterday I watched the matinee showing of Safe Haven, the newest Nicholas Sparks book/movie.

.. there’s been a lot of laughter at work these past few days… which I’m very thankful for! Laughter is good in many places, including work.

.. I’ve recently had a huge release of emotions, and I’m finally learning to let go of certain things. God is so good! 😀

.. since I’m missing school/college a lot, I’ve been getting ideas on what to read and study when I find the spare time.

.. exercising is becoming more frequent again for me.

.. catching up on sleep is simply amazing!

.. I ate a delightful Butterfinger cupcake today. Yum.

.. washing dishes always feels good once you start.


6 thoughts on “013. Reasons to be Cheerful blog link-up ::: counting my blessings.

    1. Well, it was rebs1229.blogspot.com…. but I have that blog hidden. I needed to stop writing in that one and move to a different blog entirely for a variety of reasons, but my blogspot one will not be written in anymore.
      Yes…. God has been teaching me a lot about letting go. It’s hard, but I’m learning a lot! 😀
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hopefully you get this reply!

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