011. I’m cold. ::: headache :( ::: no egg for cookies = haha ::: small groups.

Good afternoon. πŸ˜€

I’m actually writing this from my phone right now. I went to work today, but after work I started getting really cold and feeling fatigued. And I’ve been dealing with a headache for the past couple of days. 😦

So… I’m just staying in and updating real quick!

Yesterday I went to church, and in the afternoon, I baked peanut butter cookies. Yum. I’ve had a strong craving for peanut butter lately. I mean, the other day I made chocolate peanut butter smoothies. But I actually made peanut butter cookies yesterday for small group!

My church had small groups (called Life Groups, actually!) back in October, where people from the church met in houses to study God’s word, eat, talk, etc. It was fun! Well, Life Groups are starting up again. I’m in the young adult group, and everyone’s married or engaged in my group, but that’s okay. πŸ™‚ I’m still looking forward to it.

Last night was technically the first meeting, but since the church had something special going on, not everyone was at the meeting. So, we all just ate and talked. I brought the cookies, and one of the ladies made apple dumplings. There was also a homemade cold veggie dip with Tostitos chips. Yum! And we ordered pizza..

It was a good night! I was going to take pictures, but I decided to wait until maybe next meeting or the following one. There will be four meetings in this study session, so maybe when everyone actually is there, it’ll be a better time.

My headache was starting to kick in pretty bad as I was leaving last night. 😦

I do have a funny story about my baking cookies though! I had 2 eggs left yesterday, and silly me… I used the eggs for lunch, to make a scumptious egg/cheese sandwich, WITHOUT thinking that I would need the eggs for cookies. So, I was already halfway through my mixing, and I hurried up and Google’d what to use in place of eggs for cookies. And someone suggested vegetable oil. I felt weird about it, but I went ahead and used it anyway.

The cookies turned out nice still! More than half of them were eaten at the small group get-together, so that made me feel good. And I made 2 batches of cookies! πŸ˜€

It’s always nice to know that it’s not the end of the world when you run out of eggs.


One thought on “011. I’m cold. ::: headache :( ::: no egg for cookies = haha ::: small groups.

  1. I’m not actually sure how to make cookies without eggs, but I can see the oil, the fat in it would bind. I’ve also made really simple cookies out of eggs, PB, and sugar, they were delicious for 3 ingredients too :).

    Hope you feel better soon!

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