009. Happy March ::: snowglobe weather ::: experimenting with hairstyles ::: yum. smoothies.

Hello. 😀

I’m still alive. I promise.

I know that I have turned into quite the inactive blogger lately; however, since are starting a new month…. March! Yes. One of my favorite months… I am going to attempt blogging hopefully every day this month. March seems like a really good month to write regularly, to try new things, and to just be thankful that we are leaving the winter season.

Well, according to the calendar, the first day of spring is nineteen days away. We’ll see how well Ohio cooperates this year. Haha.

Here I go! Day 1… of my attempted 31 consecutive days of blogging. To become better at updating, and to try to make up for all the gaps I’ve left in my blog lately.

Not much has been going on in my life… at the moment.

In Ohio, we’ve been experiencing a lot of snowglobe weather. This is what it looked like outside last Wednesday afternoon as I was running errands. Yes, the traffic light is green, but I assure you that I was in the “left turn only” lane, waiting for the many cars to pass. Doesn’t it look we’re in a snowglobe?


We’re still pretty cold over here, and we’ve been getting flurries… but the snow has calmed down a bit since this photo. Hopefully that means we’re one step closer to spring weather.

Actually though, winter doesn’t seem to have been that bad this year. I’ve been through worse winters, and I would say that this one has fallen on a steady level between mild and heavy.

Flu season has also hit Ohio pretty bad… but I am very thankful to say that I have not been affected by the flu this year. I’ve had some normal winter fatigue, sniffles and chapped hands… but I’m very thankful for my health this year! I try to eat a lot of protein and take my vitamins whenenever I can. And wash my hands frequently. I guess these techniques are working. 🙂


In other news, I have officially learned to be careful when I’m washing  dishes, and that if I don’t put the rubber stopper in, plastic things can sneak in, get stuck, and cry out.

Yes, after growing up in a country home that didn't have a sink disposal, I really only use my "disposal" when I wash dishes. I'm so used to just throwing my tiny food remains and such away. Maybe one day, I'll learn to use this "invention" properly.I still consider myself a country girl.
Yes, after growing up in a country home that didn’t have a sink disposal, I really only use my “disposal” when I wash dishes. I’m so used to just throwing my tiny food remains and such away. Maybe one day, I’ll learn to use this “invention” properly.
I still consider myself a country girl.

Thank goodness for having the maintenance at my apartment remove this at no cost for me… or maybe it’s included in my rent.march4


Eeeek! I’m still learning how to French braid my own hair (thanks, YouTube and all the lovely ladies who have uploaded their own tutorials).


I guess I’m gradually getting better.


This is my a couple weeks ago before I went to work.



Oh! By the way, I still work at Panera. Wednesday, February 27th had marked 1 year & 8 months of my employment there. Pretty nice! 🙂


And… also, I have been looking up tasty non-alcoholic beverages to make with my blender. I’ve found chocolate-peanut butter smoothies to be quite yummy… and healthy!


I haven’t tried this recipe with the banana yet… but I’m sure it would taste good. I only like bananas if they’re mixed together with something chocolate, or baked in something. Like chocolate chip banana bread, for example!


Take delight on this upcoming Friday evening.


2 thoughts on “009. Happy March ::: snowglobe weather ::: experimenting with hairstyles ::: yum. smoothies.

  1. You should totally do the green smoothies in your blender. They’re pretty amazing and I promise, you can’t taste the spinach :). Glad you didn’t get the flu, people said it was bad here. I didn’t get it, but I don’t get the shots either. I’d rather risk being sick for a few days than get shots for a disease that would just make me sick for a few days (I’m kinda skeptical of medicine lately…).

    Good luck with your resolution to blog. It’s really okay if you don’t blog a whole ton though. Blogging is for you and not for anyone else, you really don’t have to apologize for not writing as much. It just means you’re having a fulfilling life.

    I’m going to miss apartment maintenance when I buy a house.

    1. Hey Amy! Yeah, I don’t do flu shots. I have heard that flu shots actually do give you a small case of the flu… which is really sad to think about, considering how people get them to avoid the entire thing.

      I may take you up on the green smoothies the next time I can grocery shop. What’s all in them besides spinach?

      Oh, I know that blogging’s for me. And it’s something I do want to do. I just want to write more. 🙂

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