007. Fun weekend ::: scrapbooking retreat!

Happy February!!! 😀

I’m excited to have something to blog about, again. This weekend was very nice! Normally, I don’t have “weekends” because of my work schedule and such, but that’s okay. I’m happy to be employed, and that’s what matters. But this recent weekend, I had the opportunity to have Saturday off, because my friend from work, Stephanie, invited me to a Scrapbooking Weekend Retreat.

It. Was. Fun! And it was relaxing and peaceful. Now, I had been to church retreats, or ladies’ retreats in times past, but I had never been to one of these or any kind of scrapbook get-together before. I had actually only made one other scrapbook of my high school years, back when I was 18 years old. That was awhile back, as crazy as it is to believe.

I’ve been wanting to get into scrapbooking, but have not always been sure where to start. Stephanie has been great in showing me different ways to get started, and she’s helped me out in getting ready for the retreat this weekend, which was really fun. A few weeks ago, Stephanie showed me around our local arts/crafts stores, Joann Fabrics and Pat Catans, giving me scrapbooking tutorials, as well as helping me to get ideas.

It has been really nice to learn what it is and see what supplies, equipment and projects are involved in scrapbooking. There’s a lot! And… my “scrapooking kit” is only at a beginning level. Hehe. 😀

We stayed at a local retreat center. Throughout the entire weekend, there was Christian and praise/worship music, country music, and some occasional classic rock tunes playing. There was food. There were bunk beds. There were friendly people. There were warm showers. There were happy moments. There was inspiration. And… there were photos.

There were a good amount of us that slept in the bottom bunks, using the top bunks for “storage.” Take a look at my example! 😀
It was very neat to see how full each table got! I was amazed at how much everyone brought. 🙂


This was my work station. The green/purple storage box, as well as the Cricut machine are not mine. Those belong to the lady who sat across from me.
This was a fun thing! Throughout the weekend, this stuffed monkey was taken by whoever finished a layout, and when the leader’s cell phone alarm went off every so often, if you had the monkey, you got a prize! 😀
And… I won two prizes. Here’s one of them.
There were contests. I didn't win any, but I entered The Most Photos on One Page, Valentine's Day card, and Dance to the Music.
There were contests. I didn’t win any, but I entered The Most Photos on One Page, Valentine’s Day card, and Dance to the Music.
My V-Day card, which I’ve already given to my parents. 🙂
Stephanie won the Dance to the Music page, and this was her prize. Pretty cool!
Stephanie won the Dance to the Music page, and this was her prize. Pretty cool!
Stephanie and me.
Stephanie and me.
Marita, Marti and Lori. Marti hosts these events, and her daughters help co-lead and with other things.
Debbie, Keshia and Ellen.
Debbie, Keshia and Ellen.
Debbie, Ellen, Keshia, Lisa, Michele, and Sue.
Debbie, Ellen, Keshia, Lisa, Michele, and Sue.

I scrapbooked 9 pages during the whole retreat. Not a bad start, right? 😀DSC06536

DSC06539    DSC06538

DSC06543                DSC06544









































And… that was my weekend. 😀

I really enjoyed being introduced to scrapbooking, and until this year, I had no idea that these types of retreats existed. I will definitely consider attending the next retreat. And I’m looking forward to getting more involved in scrapbooking. I’m learning that it’s something you gradually grow into and not all in one night.

It was also nice to meet women who are heavily engaged in this hobby. Everyone was so nice and helpful at the retreat. I wanted to remember everyone, so I just had to get pictures.

Well, it’s midnight on Tuesday night, so it will look like I posted this on Wednesday. BUT I may post again tomorrow! I really need to blog more.



2 thoughts on “007. Fun weekend ::: scrapbooking retreat!

  1. You did really well! I love scrapbooking!!! 🙂 I don’t have that much time to do it anymore, but it is one hobby I am in love with. I’m glad you can get into scrapping! It’s fun to do, and it holds memories close 🙂

  2. I really like your scrapbooking pages you made and it looks like the retreat was lots of fun! I really did try to get into scrapbooking, normally I am a pretty creative and crafty person, but i just don’t think I have the patience and attention span for it anymore. Having to sit at a desk all day for work, I’m more into outdoorsy stuff, I guess. I do like to paint though :).

    You should definitely go to the next retreat. It looks like you guys had an adult slumber party in the bunks!

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