006. Lots to do! ::: Temporary hair color ::: Yummy parfaits ::: To snow, or not to snow…


Today’s my day off work, and I’m out and about, running errands, etc. I’m on computer updating and taking care of some things, and I thought I’d come on real quick and say that…
I have temporary “darkest brown hair” again. It will last for a month or so. 😀


I have been enjoying those yogurt parfaits you get from the grocery store. These two are my favorite kinds, as of right now.


So delicious! I’ve been eating them with my lunch and/or supper. It’s funny how a few years ago, I would not have been willing to mix my yogurt with granola. My tastes have definitely changed as I’ve gotten older.


I’ve been eating these “parfaits” with my meals.

And although I am ashamed to say it, these are one the “healthiest” that I’ve eaten lately. I DEFINITELY need to improve my eating habits.



The weather has been pretty indecisive lately. Two weeks ago, it was nice and warm and sunny. I almost thought I was living in the south for a couple of days.
Then, last week it was freezing, snowing and in the single digits.
Now, the temperatures appear to gradually go back up. It’s raining. The snow’s melting. It’s muddy.
Hmmm. Ohio will get it right, eventually. I’m just thankful for another day.


Well, as I sit all curled up with my computer in the library, I better get back to my “computer errands.” I will actually have something to blog about within the next few days. One of my coworkers invited me to something this weekend, and I’ve already requested Saturday/Sunday off work. I will talk about it in a couple of days.

I will say though… that it falls in the arts/crafts category. It’s something I’ve tried to get involved in before, but not so much. This time, I’m interested in learning more about the hobby and getting more engaged in it.

And my coworker, Stephanie, is really talented in this area. So, it’s neat to learn about it from someone like that. 🙂

More details to come in the next few days! Lots to do until then. I’m excited. 😀




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