005. Quesadillas = yum ::: Kraft mac & cheese ::: single digit temperatures.

Okay… I DO intend to blog more than once a week in here.

I am serious about getting back into the blogging routine, even if it’s taking me longer than I originally planned.
It’s good to update whenever I can, and I guess the more I do update, the more ideas will come to my head.


Our lovely 50- and 60-degree weather has ceased. The lovely weather that inspired me to tour Cleveland three weeks ago… is over. We are now experiencing single temp’s here in Ohio.
January has arrived.
However, it was expected. Yesterday, we started the morning at 5 degrees F. This morning began at 1 degree, with both mornings having a wind chill below zero.
So, needless to say, I’ve only been outside to get in the car, go to work, and run those other little errands in-between.

This sight was pretty nice to look at this morning though…


In other news, I have FINALLY, finally, finally started pulling some of my Christmas gifts out of their boxes and trying them out. For example, my quesadilla maker!

quesadilla1      quesadilla3    quesadilla7   quesadilla5

Yum. I made myself a nice quesadilla after work on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to using this spectactular kitchen appliance more in the near future. This time, I only put cheese inside, but I can imagine chicken, beef, refried beans, onions, and/or other toppings, or fillings in this case, being used.

And this was my supper on Sunday… Kraft Mac & Cheese, peas and a chive/onion cream cheese spread in a tortilla. My fork looks a little stretched out in the photo. Haha!



And before I forget to mention it, here’s my latest “battle scar” from work. Beware of the big, scary ovens at Panera. Rawr.


This is my upper arm. I was reaching backwards to retrieve a daring rack from the oven. Oh well. The new “sting” feel is over, so that’s good.

Well, that’s all from me. Until next time I write, which I plan to also be this week, have a nice evening!


One thought on “005. Quesadillas = yum ::: Kraft mac & cheese ::: single digit temperatures.

  1. Eek, that scar is pretty serious. Neosporin is good for them, though. You should try using that on it and it might clear up faster. Glad you’re having fun with the quesadilla maker.

    I haven’t had kraft mac in a long time… I always liked the thick and creamy version, but it costs like $1 instead of the 50 cent ish for the other box, lol. The Annie’s versions are good too.

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