004. Cleveland Greater Aquarium Visit ::: Steak n’ Shake ::: It’s cooold outside!

Greetings, all.

I knew that blogging would be something that I’d slowly get back into after not being in the “routine” of posting for awhile. I will be making a sincere effort to write more often. I don’t really have much to say about this week so far. That’s okay though. We’re only in the middle of January, right?

However, last week, as we were experiencing our warmer temperatures, I made a small road trip on my day off work last week to The Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Wednesday, January 9th was a GORGEOUS day for visiting this tourist attraction, and it was only a little more than an hour for me to get there. And… there was hardly any snow, so it worked out perfectly.

I’ve only been to Cleveland a small handful of times in my life, so I’m not too familiar with the area. I can see myself visiting there for in the near future though. 🙂

Well, there’s not much to say about my aquarium pictures, as far as captions go. I was pleased to capture some really nice shots from my cell phone, considering how dark it was in some areas. Enjoy!

jan66 jan64 jan62 jan60 jan58 jan59

jan57 jan56 jan55 jan54 jan52 jan50 jan48 jan45 <—- Nemo! 😀

jan44 jan42 jan40 jan38 jan37 jan36 jan35 jan33 jan31 jan30 jan29 jan28 jan26 jan25 jan23 jan21


And of course, I took advantage of the nice sunshine and captured some outside views.


jan18 jan17 jan16 jan15 jan14 jan8 jan10


And then, on the way home, I found a Steak n’ Shake to stop by for supper. This was a very nice, clean one! My parents used to have one that was sorta near them; however, it was always dirty, and the service was bad 80% of the time, which was a shame,  because the food was delicious. They just didn’t know how to stay clean and be friendly.

I thought this particular Steak n’ Shake was very nice! The food was filling and tasty, the waitress was very attentive, and everything seemed clean and well taken care of, which was a relief.

I had actually forgotten how affordable this place is! I ordered a double cheeseburger, fries, a side of cheese sauce, Coke and water, and a double fudge milkshake all for just under $8.70. It was all yummy. Not really healthy, but yummy. 🙂

And we all know how food is expensive, and how the prices will most likely increase. Thus, it  was a nice amount of food for the single digits.

jan4 jan5 jan3 jan2 jan1


Well, that’s pretty all I have to say for now.

We are FREEZING again. Yeah. Those warmer temperatures last week were only there to tease us. 😦

It was fun while it lasted though.



One thought on “004. Cleveland Greater Aquarium Visit ::: Steak n’ Shake ::: It’s cooold outside!

  1. I’ve never been to a steak and shake, but I doubt there’s much there I’d eat anyway. We have a place here called cook out and it sounds similar with the prices and milkshakes. they have a combo meal there and for like $1 more, you can upgrade your drink to a milkshake. I’ve never had food from there but I’ve had two great milkshakes there, hehe.

    The aquarium looks really fun! We have one here and I’ve run and walked past it a few times but I never think to visit. I should be a tourist in my own town and go one day.

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