003. Snow = good feeling? ::: learning how to French braid :.: not much going on.

Good evening.

I really don’t have much to write about, but I thought that I’d come on and blog anyway. Not much is really going on in my life right now; however, I figured that that the more I try to update, the more that “blogging ideas” will pop up for me. It’ll just take time. 🙂


So, this will be brief and to the point.


We’ve had snow, and usually I’m not a fan of snow, but this year I’m actually liking snow. Last year, we had one snowfall (I think!) which didn’t last very long, and the rest of the winter was really mild, which was okay, but then the grass was always brown and icky to look at. This year, I’ve actually felt that “winter beauty.” I captured a little bit of this beauty today.


beauty 1beauty 2

beauty 3








We are expecting temperatures to increase into the 40’s this week… but I’m not too sad about that. That will almost feel like hoodie weather again. 🙂


I’ve been wanting a new hairstyle.

I have not cut my hair since January 2012. I’ve been brainstorming ways to do my hair next. I’m not sure whether to cut it super, super short, like I did last year…


Or… to get it trimmed. Grow it back out. Just leave it as is.

I’m thinking that I’m finished with donating my hair (unless I change my mind someday!). It takes me a little over two years to grow to donation length. So yeah. Maybe someday, I’ll donate again.

For the time being, I’m not doing anything with my hair… but I have been learning how to French braid. Thanks, YouTube. 🙂

french1 french2 french3

I still need to improve, but I’m satisfied with kind of getting the hang of it right now. 😀

Maybe I can work with different hairstyles like this as my “new” hairstyle. I’ll update on this as I improve.


Until next time I write… be blessed.


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